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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is not only an ethereal destination for travelers and tourists but also touted to be the food capital of Asia. Kuala Lumpur houses the best of restaurants that offer mouth-watering food varieties from around the globe. With most of the world going gaga over Indian culinary style, Kuala Lumpur celebrates Indian cuisine just like it does various traditions and cultures of the world. There are several great Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

Top Indian Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

Even though finding the best Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur is not at all a hard task, it is better to be equipped with the knowledge about the Top Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that serve authentic, amazing food.

Each of the following is top grosser in the list of Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that ensure an excellent gastronomic experience:

#1. Bombay Palace – the Royal Joint for the Indian Platter

One of the high-end Indian restaurants in KL, Bombay Palace is just perfect for a date. Complete with royal chandeliers and interiors festooned with India-like setting, this is the right place if you miss India. Not to forget the exotic, flavor-filled vegetarian and non-vegetarian food they serve here. The delicious dishes and the ambiance compete with each other to fulfill every sense of the travelers and gourmets.

One of the Best Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, it is the place where you will be served like a king.

#2. Annalakshmi, the Restaurant with Indian Culture

Located in Jalan Berhala Brickfields, KL, the Annalakshmi restaurant is one of the Top Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that provides a wide range of vegetarian delicacies. Established in 1984, it is among the top Indian restaurants in KL offering buffets and service on the table.

Excellent service is assured the moment one walks in and until the moment they leave. Providing authentic and fresh food with original spices, this place caters to the needs of individuals and groups.

#3. Ganga Cafe for Healthy, Homely Eats

The one common factor among most of us after constantly eating out during trips is the urge for home-style food. Ganga Café is popular for an excellent menu combined with superb hospitality. Those longing for home food will certainly find themselves fully satiated by the healthier and exquisite vegetarian food offered on traditional banana leaves. The food here is famous for its detoxifying and healing properties.

The range of juices, with the Pranic juice being the highlight, and the concept of ‘food cooked from the heart’ are matchless.

#4. Kayra- the Authentic Kerala Restaurant

The coconut flavor and strong spices lingering in the ethnic food at Kayra makes you remember the exclusive Keralite touch. It is considered one of the Best Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that offers a wholesome menu that includes selected, heavenly Kerala recipes. Kayra serves the traditional appam, puttu, and parottas with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian curries.

There are countless delicacies, the ‘fish pollichathu’ being the most favorite among the patrons.

#5. Jai Hind Restaurant for Luscious, Mind-Boggling North Indian Cuisine

Since 60 years, this joint has been cooking food and serving with love. Dishes that satiate the taste buds of connoisseurs who seek north Indian cuisine with passion are available all round the year. North Indian cuisine made with unbelievable authenticity that mimics food from any north Indian city flows freely and fulfills people with a bent toward Indian style of cooking.

The staple diet of palak panneer is offered with unbeatable taste at Jain Hind restaurant, KL.

#6. Go for Betel Leaf if you look for Authentic Chettinad Style Cuisine

With ingredients specially grown at its own farm in Mantin, Betel Leaf ensures yummy and fresh dishes. One of the oldest forms of Indian style cooking, chettinad cuisine is rich with flavors and unmatched in spicy taste. You will be taken aback by the sight of attractive dishes and alluring aroma of spices just as you step inside this place.

With an extensive menu that boasts of so much to choose from, the Betel Leaf is renowned for the biriyani and Indian Thali served in banana leaf.

#7. One of the top Moghul Restaurants in KL: Delhi Royale

Delhi Royale stands out amid the various food joints in KL that offer North Indian cuisine with its combination of curry and the exquisite cuisine that boasts of a balance of flavors. An exclusive assortment of Indian spices and a hint of fresh mint help to create the most delicious dishes blended to perfection. The excellent service that suits the privileged ones and an elegant ambience are what distinguish this place.

Extravagant menu, awesome buffet, and fine dining are the hallmarks of Delhi Royale where you can taste authentic Indian delicacies cooked using traditional methods.

#8. MTR Malaysia – the Best Place for Family Dining

The latest addition to the list of legendary chain of restaurants in Malaysia, the MTR aka Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, originates from Udupi, Karnataka.  Promoted by the traditional and world-renowned restaurateurs, this restaurant dates back to nearly 100 years in history. Serving high-quality south Indian food that is unrivaled in taste and hospitality, this restaurant sources all the ingredients from India.

The specialties are ghee-based delicacies that leave customers to drool for more and the aroma of the filter coffee.

#9. Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju for the best taste under unbelievable budget

Renowned for traditional taste and reasonable pricing, this popular Indian eatery serves non-vegetarian and vegetarian food that suits the preferences of travelers and natives alike.

Among the authentic south Indian food served in banana leaves, non-veg fry is the most popular offering.

#10. Enjoy food in a tropical garden setting at Taj Garden Restaurant

Here’s where you can enjoy a wide variety and high-quality food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – in air-conditioned comfort as well as airy al fresco setting. This place is nestled in a peaceful garden setting.

Rumali roti and madras curry with fiery flavor are the hot favorites here.


Indian cooking and the delicious Indian dishes are famous the world over. Just like any other part of the world, Kuala Lumpur as well loves Indian cuisine that contributes to the melting pot of culinary heritages. The ethnic, as well as contemporary Indian cuisine continues to amaze the taste buds in Kuala Lumpur, representing a unique food culture across the Bay of Bengal.

When making a trip to ‘the land of Down Under’, Tangalooma Island is a MUST go to. Hands down, you will regret it if you go there and do not be part of the experience of this island. Nature and the sights are good enough to give you the sense of being one with nature. Sitting about a 75-minute catamaran cruise from Brisbane, Australia, this place is one of the places that you have to see. It does not matter if you are travelling solo or travelling with family as I was.

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Yes, it was a trip to Australia in October of last year. It’s one of the best times of the year to visit. I along with my beautiful wife took this trip for twenty days, and it was fantastic. When I started planning the trip, people asked me not to miss was the Great Barrier Reef in Crain. They were not wrong. The Great Barrier Reef is the most breathtaking thing I have ever had to experience.

Considered endangered, this is one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders. If you love the ocean there is almost none that compares. It is believed that the best time to visit it is between June and November every year, and luckily we got there just in time.

There is no trip to Crain that will be worth it if you have not experienced the barrier reef. It is recognized as the world’s largest coral reef comprising 3000 coral reels and 600 islands that are continental. I am not sure of the statistics, but surely it was breathtaking.

If you are traveling to Crain, this is an experience I highly recommend, not just because it is a good place to see, but to know the kind of universe we live in. We also get a sense of how we have to preserve what we already have and are ruining it.

We went on two separate one-day trips that we picked. On the first day, we went for a Day Trip – Silverswift. In this experience, we went on a catamaran. They took us to different locations, to allow us to dive and look at the ocean and the species down under. If you can’t swim or dive for the first time then you can take introductory diving and carry on with the plan. Our highlight was to sight clownfish, of Finding Nemo fame. And of course, the surrounded water drools with sharks, rays, whales, dolphins, sea snakes and more.

Some of the things I can recall was obviously the beautiful view of seeing the different species that inhabit the ocean. Snorkeling is a must in the barrier reef. Depending on what you want to do, pick the one-day trip options that you think works for you.

Then on day two, we took a half-day trip to the Green Island Eco Adventure. About 27 kilometers from Crain, Green Island is an amazing coral cay. If you want to see marine creatures and transform your life forever, this is certainly a place you should go to. We spotted some turtles and that was simply experienced like none other.

The underwater experience is mind-blowing. Just the species that you will see, if you can swim and are fairly fit, this is totally the place that you want to spend some time and money. We went for the guided tour with instructors giving us all the instructions. The greatest thing is that even if you do not know how to float there are many places that you can walk off the beach and see the beauty that is underwater. Or perhaps just grab a place on the beachside, order a cocktail and relax!

There is always something I recommend when I travel, and that is to see the marvel that our world has to offer. This is certainly one of those. The ocean always has a calming sense on me and my wife, and this barrier reef with all its beauty was really relaxing. I recommended that anyone that travels to Australia, take the time to spend some time to visit the barrier reef before we as humankind might ruin it completely.

The world, as I know it, is constantly changing. The Crain Barrier reef experience made me feel, at least for that day, that the world had stopped still. I was one with the universe, while I absorbed its magic.

My wife and I had the best time looking at the mesmerizing beauty of the ocean. She specifically loved it because the travel bug has caught on to her majorly. After a day trip to the barrier reef, watching the sunset in the Australian ocean, with my beautiful wife was the greatest experience.

Reflecting on the wonders of the universe has always been my thing to do. And watching a universe that exists underwater was particularly special.