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Beyond doubts sun and surf are the most sought after choice when selecting a romantic holiday destination. Southeast Asia is now the most popular pick for newlywed couple hunting for best honeymoon place. Because of its summery season all year around, gorgeous beaches, tropical gateway, natural beauty, welcoming culture, and great resorts, Malaysia has become the most preferred holiday spot for couples. Although there are various places you can explore in Malaysia, Langkawi can offer the most relaxing and romantic vacation you ever wanted!

Getting to Malaysia, Langkawi is extremely convenient and affordable too as there are many cheap tour packages available that can be picked accordingly. It is convenient to move around different island and cities in Malaysia by taking local flights as well. Langkawi is an archipelago of around 99 islands that boasts many untouched natural beauty as a part of Malaysia’s Kedah state. Best way to explore Langkawi is to rent a car and drive around. You will be amazed by the well-developed road and map system available. For adventures lovers this great Malaysian Hawaii also has the option for bike hiring. Staying near beaches and exploring other pretty jewels hidden from beaten routes has become a wonderful driver’s paradise.

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This unique travel destination has more to offer than just pure breathtaking experience. The place is an awesome combination of natural beauty, turquoise water, thrilling activities, cheap shopping, exciting nightlife and soothing beaches. Most beaches are renowned as best in the world due to its interesting formation. With the white sand beaches blended with intense forestry and rocky mountain peak, Langkawi will leave you speechless in the first sight. The spot becomes even more classy and romantic with huge number of luxury hotels and lodges available. Of course, beautiful attractions and wavy beaches are the highlight of Langkwai, but Malay’s culture and peaceful environment is unique in its own way.

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Apart from sightseeing and sunbathing near beaches, there are mind-blowing activities that can be done. Exploring underwater world, taking a cruise, shopping duty free, elephant ride, seeing crocodile part, riding a cable car, visiting Wildlife Park and checking out Mahsuri’s tomb are few to name. It is certainly the most romantic place to stay with your partner, walking holding hands spending quality time in a tropical gateway, gulping your favorite drink while basking in warmth of sun and acoustic music behind is something you will cherish forever. And food of Malaya is mouthwatering; right from Chinese to South Indian to special Thai dishes there is wide variety to choose from.

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Langkawi islands are of superlative attractions that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. And there is nothing more exciting than escaping into an island with your partner and moving away from the stressed life for once. Please note, Kedah is a Muslim state, while you are free to wear bikinis and skimpy clothes, going nude can definitely frowned upon. Modest dressing will keep you safe and warm. So, go ahead and choose Langkawi as your next romantic holiday destination for that perfect lifetime experience.

While quite a few times I have been to Mumbai and Pune, I never got a chance to visit this in-between heavenly place called “Lonavala”, but always remained in my to-visit list. As an exciting traveler and based in Chennai, I always wanted to escape the heat and humidity and experience the natural beauty of Lonavala. Finally, 2 weeks back I had a business meet in Mumbai and greatly I managed to grab a day from my busy schedule to explore 625 meters above sea level, Lonavala with few of my friends. Thanks to monsoon that arrived late this year, it was just the right time for us get started. Otherwise, the ideal time to visit Lonavala is between June-September, when the rain hardly agrees to stop. Since we were in a leisure mood, didn’t want to explore all places notably in Lonavala but our target was just to hang around and have good time.

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The day started at 5am for us as we head into the cab to reach the destination. This is place is located 96 KM away from Mumbai (accessible from express highway) and I must say the travel itself looked like the destination. The greenery, blooming picturesque view, wonderful tunnels and occasional rain droplets made our entire drive extremely pleasant. We reached around 8am and decided to quit cab, as trek was more fun to choose. Our first point was “Bushy Dam” which is the most sought after place for visitors. You have to climb a little to reach the dam (without footwear and rent cost for footwear is 20rs) and this view was breathtaking. The entire place looked snowy with the white water dashing on each steps. It started raining as we stepped on the flowing chill water and this made the experience really enjoyable. After splashing and playing like kids in waterfalls for long time we decided to munch a little. We found mind-blowing hot vada-pav and chai (not so expensive) that just went perfect with the flow.

Tiger's_Leap,Lonavala copy

Moving ahead, it was already 11am and planned to trek till tiger’s leap which is about 4-5 km from bushy dam. Trekking was the most enjoyable part of the journey; the climate was superb to walk with rain showering once in a while with cool wind making the atmosphere so charming. The juicy sweet corn (maize) served with chili powder, lemon and salt is not something to be ignored. It was almost a challenge to trek around this mountain region; however, being an experienced trekker this was not scary at all. Finally upon reaching Tiger’s leap also called as Tiger Point the view was simply stunning. We saw the entire view of Lonavala, and huge mountains covering them. It was a perfect blend of cool breeze and mist which made us stay there for long time. We then had a chance to have hot ginger tea and bajia’s in foggy weather, never will I forget!

img_0779_chandralok copy

We came down pretty fast and stopped near the bus stop to find a good pure vegetarian hotel in Lonavala. And we found hotel Chandralok (located near the bus stop), one of the best budget hotels I would say in Lonavala. I had lip smacking pure veg thali that included Roti, Sabji, Dal, Rice, Raita, Sweet Dish and lot more, served with upmost love and respect by waiters that most other hotels fail to offer. Rates were reasonable, but most importantly the food was awesome! On our way back we managed to shop for Lonavala’s famous Maganlan chikki and popular ready-to-make juices! Although there are many other places to visit in Lonavala like Wax museum, Rajmachi Point, Lohagard Fort etc, that I will probably visit next time! Rest, I was relaxed and refreshed being at this Nature’s Paradise, loved it totally!

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