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I am Gulshan Bafna, carrying a dream of becoming multi talented business person; started venturing my dream at a very young age with a house of entrepreneurs and businessmen

Being Portugal a small country, many of us have a myth that it cannot entertain visitors and traveler. Although it is a least-tourist spot in Western Europe, if you love vibrant culture, great architecture, peaceful beaches, natural beauty and sense of romance then you will be allured by the charm and varied experience Portugal offers. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, but Porto country’s second largest city situated in the Rio Douro (River of Gold) region is the most attractive and worth visiting. By landing down to the World Heritage City, Porto you can explore the most unconventional features of Portugal. Here are some interesting facts about Porto that will entice you to settle on Porto for your next travel!

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No matter how much we blame our country for corruption, illiteracy or poverty, 15th August is one such day you can’t resist pride for our nation. The sheer efforts and sacrifice that went in to gain independence must make every Indian feel proud about this day. We are fortunate enough to be born in a post-independence era and each year passing by is only teaching us to how be better. As we step into the 69th year of Independence it becomes our duty to pay homage to our great leaders/freedom fighters who fought hard to achieve this day.

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Trekking is a most popular adventure among traveler who love to explore natural beauty and thrilling scenic around mountains. Thankfully, our country is loaded with world-class trekking opportunities and Himalayas being the best. That’s because only Himalayan Mountains can offer you true and enthralling trekking experience in the world. Although there are hundreds of trekking camp available in Himalayas, Markha Valley trek can really be alluring and challenging. You have a chance to reach two of the most high altitude passes in Markha Valley Trek – Gandala La 4900m and Kongmaru La 5200m.

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