3-Day Itinerary Dubai To Uncover The Best Of What Dubai Has To Offer

3-day Itinerary Dubai To Uncover everything

Dubai offers a diverse range of attractions, activities, and cultural experiences unique in nature. Dubai has so much to offer that brings in the best of desirable activities for both families and leisure visitors to participate in during their Emirate vacation. There is something here across all age groups to uncover, be it the Dhow Cruise Dinner or the Desert Safari Dubai or exploring the fun rides at Aquaventure Waterpark; we bring you the best indulgences over a 3-day Dubai holiday that will help you uncover the best offering that this Emirate has to offer.

Day 1:

Kickstart your Dubai vacation by exploring the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Road

Morning Activity 1: Hope on Hop off Big Bus Dubai

Big Bus Dubai - 3 day Itinerary Dubai
Big Bus Dubai – 3 day Itinerary Dubai

Grab a comfortable seat on the Hop on Hop Off Big Bus Dubai for enjoying an entertainment elevated view of the city landscape as it browses through several of Dubai’s most prominent landmarks. Get a sneak-peek into the impressive history and fascinating story behind the flavour and culture behind each landmark. The Big Bus stops over at more than 40+ points of interest where you can explore the same at your convenience and leisure. The most prominent include the Burj Khalifa, The Palm, Dubai Marina, Old Dubai, and Souk Madinat.

Activity 2: Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai - 3 day Itinerary Dubai
Ski Dubai – 3 day Itinerary Dubai

The biggest indoor ski resort in the Mall of Emirates is an eye grabber in Dubai’s fascinating tourist handbook. While this would be quite expected as Dubai is in the middle of the Grand Arabian Desert. But this is Dubai! be ready to be surprised to see the mind-blowing things that Dubai offers. There are five ski slopes based on their difficulty and steepness levels, a toboggan run, a live penguin interacting zone, a sled, and an ice cave. Get up-close with these friendly penguins during your exploration journey. If you are looking to hone your skiing and snowboarding skills, join one of the mentoring and coaching classes offered by a team of experts. You do not need to wait till winter to ski as it is open throughout the year.

Activity 3: Dhow Cruise Dubai on the Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise Dubai - 3 day Itinerary Dubai
Dhow Cruise Dubai – 3 day Itinerary Dubai

Well! The Dhow Cruise Dubai offers a splendid view of the Dubai landmarks from the Dubai shores. The city is further enhanced post-sunset as it is illuminated under the star-studded sky. You will get plenty of authentic dhow wooden Abra boats that offer a complete package with a scrumptious dinner under the moonlit sky. The Dhow Cruise Dubai offers a great fusion of admiration and excitement anecdotes of sightseeing coupled with a star-studded 5-star delightful dinner buffet.

The Dhow Cruise Dubai lasts for about 2 hours and introduces the charm and elegance of Dubai as its browses through the two downtown areas – Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. The Dubai Cruise Dubai offers a perfect mix of traditional elements with modern contemporary elegance to match the impeccable balance that Dubai has been renowned for maintaining over the years.

Major landmarks that you will browse through in your Dhow Cruise Dubai are the Dubai Fountains, the Chamber of Commerce Building, and the National Bank of Dubai. In addition, several other entertainment activities and shows keep you and your entire family or group engaged.

Day 2:

It’s all about water at the Palm Jumeirah

Activity 1: Adventurous water sports at SeaYou

Head to the magnificent human-made islands, the Palm Jumeirah. The SeaYou destination is quite popular for its wide range of adventurous activities across all age groups. You can try jet skiing, windsurfing board, kayaking, and other exciting water activities. There are also guided tours offered at an additional cost to help you uncover fascinating aspects of various Dubai landmarks. As you paddle your way through the Dubai shores, you carry enduring memories that will last a lifetime. It is quite different from the Dhow Cruise Dubai as they both have unique offerings in their respective indulgences.

Activity 2: Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost Chambers Aquarium - 3 day Itinerary Dubai
Lost Chambers Aquarium – 3 day Itinerary Dubai

This action-packed aquarium at the Palm will surely excite you. A range of sharks, tropical fish species, and several other marine residents worldwide are housed here across ten themed chambers. Get untold stories and informative blocks for consumption about the marine world. Try out the Myth Tours conducted every hour, which display the cultural impacts and influences on this magnificent attraction.

Activity 3: Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis Adventure - 3 day Itinerary Dubai
Atlantis Adventure – 3 day Itinerary Dubai

Well! The Aquaventure Waterpark doesn’t give you a minute to dry yourself, whether you are a water baby. Splash into the fun and exciting rides and water activities to cater to global travellers’ tastes and preferences. Savour the afternoon and soak in the vibrant atmosphere lazing and strolling at this great beach club at the Palm.

Day 3:

Concluding with other major landmarks & ultimate fun for the kids

Activity 1: At.The.Top – Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa - 3 day Itinerary Dubai
Burj Khalifa – 3 day Itinerary Dubai

The world looks different from the top of the tallest observation deck. Ascending on the fastest elevator globally to reach this architectural marvel top gives you instant access to impressive views of the Dubai skyline. You can also browse through the interactive and informative displays and exhibits that give you a sneak peek into the history and story behind the concept of the Burj Khalifa. One of the oldest featuring but still going strong, just like the Dhow Cruise Dubai. 

Activity 2: IMG Worlds of Adventure

Worlds of Adventure - 3 day Itinerary Dubai
Worlds of Adventure – 3 day Itinerary Dubai

An epic entertainment and fun destination in Dubai, the IMG Worlds of Adventure brings you the favourite Marvel and Cartoon Network characters live in front of you. Enjoy interacting with them in a themed zone, a haunted house, and a lost valley. There are unique offerings and experiences worth experiencing across each themed zone. Some of the must-visit ones are Velociraptor Dinosaur Adventure, only if you have nerves of steel.

Activity 3: The Green Planet

Green Planet Dubai - 3 day Itinerary Dubai
Green Planet Dubai – 3 day Itinerary Dubai

An amazing indoor rainforest spread lavishly over four storeys. It was themed on the conservation and creating awareness of informational blocks about these amazing rainforests. Take back Unparralled experiences with flooded rainforests to an alluring canopy on the same floor. Try exploring the fascinating flora and fauna booming in the indoor rainforests. You will find colourful butterflies, tropical birds, and frogs around flora and fauna.

Important Tips

  • Try the Go City Pass, which gives a combo booking of major attractions within the city at a discounted price. Customize your pass as per your preferences.
  • Purchase the Dubai Explorer Pass that helps you uncover the major landmarks after your purchase. Then, pick and choose the best destinations for an outstanding experience.
  • Always book your entry tickets well in advance to avoid last-minute queues at the ticketing counter. You can even reserve the time and date of your visit.

FAQs – 3-Day Itinerary Dubai

Are 3 days enough in Dubai?
Spending 3 days in Dubai is enough for you to visit all its major attractions and tourist places. You can also fit in some time for exploring their cuisine and shopping in their malls. You can check out this blog if you wish to get a proper 3 day itinerary through which you can cover it all!

How much is a trip to Dubai for 3 days?
A weekend 3-day vacation to Dubai, United Arab Emirates costs around Rs. 45,000 for a single traveller, Rs. 80,000 for a couple, and Rs. 1,02,000 for a family of four. If you’re planning to take a 3-day vacation to Dubai, you can check out the itinerary here.

How many days are sufficient for Dubai?
Three to four days are sufficient for visiting Dubai. This time is enough for you to visit all the major tourist attractions of Dubai and visit their ravish restaurants and malls to eat, shop, and have a great time!

What is the best area to stay in Dubai?
Downtown Dubai is the ideal place to stay in Dubai, especially whether you are a first-time visitor or a business traveller. Several of Dubai’s biggest attractions, including the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and the famed Dubai Fountain, are located in the Downtown region.

What can you see in Dubai in 3 days?
You can see many things in Dubai in 3 days including the Big Bus Dubai, Ski Dubai, Dhow Cruise Dubai on the Dubai Creek, Adventurous water sports at SeaYou, Lost Chambers Aquarium, Aquaventure Waterpark, Burj Khalifa, IMG Worlds of Adventure and The Green Planet.



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