15 Best Scuba Diving Sites Near Chennai for Deep-Sea Lovers

best Scuba Diving sites near Chennai for deep sea lovers

The main reason why I love Scuba Diving is that it lets me move freely underwater and be a part of marine life. The experiencing of being under a silent, often intriguing world, with adventures waiting at every move, has always fascinated me. Also, the sheer amount of marine wildlife is incredible and magical to explore.

Scuba Diving in Chennai might sound like a distant dream for many. However, for the deep-sea lovers here I have compiled the list of best scuba diving sites in and around Chennai. Remember, Scuba diving is not an extreme sport; you just need to be comfortable with water. So, if you are new to Scuba diving in Chennai then visit the centers that teach Scuba diving and then explore the underwater world. 

Best Scuba Diving Sites in Chennai

1. Chennai Diving

Chennai Institute of Diving is a recreational dive center. It is a place you can get close to water and experience diving underwater. They say water is relaxing and the institute offers many packages and flexibility of courses. They also offer discounts to students.

Address: 11/6, Premier Complex, Krishnan Koil Street, Mannady, Chennai – 600 001

2. Chennai Dive Paradise

This is a service that organizes training on how to do safely. It also provides training and certifications for you to give the ability to even find a job as an official diver. If you love being underwater, for work or fun, this is the place to be.  

Address: No.1 MGR Street, Muttukadu, ECR Chennai, Opposite to MGM Dizzee world

3. Salty Bone Divers

If you are looking to be a certified Scuba diver in Chennai, you would not need to look any further. If you love the ocean and want to look at the world underwater Salty Bone Divers, give you the training and certification to be able to do that and enjoy it.

Address: RMYC, Spring Heaven Warf, The Harbor, Chennai – 600 001

4. Dive Chennai

If you are curious about the underwater world, Dive Chennai will help you explore it. Get experts to give you the right training and certification that can help you to enjoy the species underwater. Enjoy the ocean at a different angle and be one with the universe.

Address: Dive Chennai, Off-Road Sports Campus, 168/3D, Pattipulam, ECR Road, Chennai 603104 

5. Temple Adventures

If you like adventure and love the ocean, Temple Adventures are certainly a place to start. They are a PADI 5 Star IDC Dive centers and help people with a passion not just experience the ocean but also provide courses. This scuba diving in Chennai can make you an expert. 

Address: Dive Chennai, Off-Road Sports Campus, 168/3D, Pattipulam, ECR Road, Chennai 603104

6. True Blue Adventures

Different courses based on the number of days one can choose different kinds of Adventures while being safe. With experts teaching you all about Scuba diving in Chennai, it is certainly a place to go to. The adventures of ocean life are many and True Blue Adventures introduces it to you.

Address: Ground Floor, 9/9 Muthumariamman Street Kovalam, Chennai

7. Bay of Life

If you are a lover of the oceans then Bay of Life provides you with the option to get access to scuba diving and more water sports. It is a PADI 5 Star service with expert instructors. They take in beginners and can make experts out of them. So Bay of Life could be an amazing destination for Scuba Diving in Chennai. 

Address: 9/9, Muthumariamman Koil Street, Kovalam, Chennai 603112. (Near Taj Vivanta Fisherman’s Cove)

8. Holy Island Water Sports

Rameshwaram’s Holy Island has water sports and that includes scuba diving. It is an interesting water sport in an interesting place that is mostly known just for the temples. It has a whole activity routine for people that love the ocean and travel to Rameshwaram. 

Address: Holy Island Beach, Sangumall, Olaikadda Road, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu – 623526.

9. Eternal Divers

The water, the adventures, and the comfort of knowing you are deep diving with the qualified people. Scuba diving is an experience of a lifetime and doing it with experts makes it even more adventurous. The dive centre is specialised in Sidemount and the using BP/W for dives. 

Address: No. 1, Pilliar Koil Street Ganapathy Chettikulam Puducherry 605 014

10. Samudra Adventures

Get ready to go underwater with Samudra Adventures to have the experience of your life. If you are in Pondicherry, you should consider seeing the ocean in-depth. There is a lot to see and Samudra adventures provide that experience with different courses.    

Address: No 205/2 Maraimalai Adigal Road, Paradise Beach, Chinna Veerampatinam, Pondicherry-605007

11. Bond safari Kovalam

It is the place to go to if you want to experience the greatness of the Kerala seas. Explore a new universe that is quiet yet beautiful, intriguing and without fear. Bond Safari at Kovalam beach is one of the places where you can travel the ocean and what’s more be in God’s own Country.

Address: Suseela Tower, Beach Road, VRP XIX/553-A KOVALAM P.O. Kerala, INDIA

12. Scuba Cochin

If you are looking for Scuba Diving near Chennai then explore this heaven on earth. Enjoy the world underwater with the right kind of training at Scuba Cochin. Look underwater in the Cochin shore so you can realize what the world encompasses. With a PADI certification, you also know you are in safe hands.  

Address: Shop no.1/629 Hawa Beach, Near beach bus stand, Kovalam, Trivandrum -695527

13. Scuba Tech India

This is one of the places to learn all about scuba diving while enjoying the journey. Get great tips from the best experts on how to dive and dive safe. They provide different kinds of courses like PADI certification and ensure that you have fun while having it. 

Address: No 7, Veeramamunivar Street, Colas Nagar, Puducherry, India    

14. Dive Netrani

Netrani Island in Karnataka is one of the beautiful places and Dive Netrani takes complete advantage of it. If you are interested in coral reefs, rock pinnacles, and shipwrecks, Netrani is the place to be. The clear water is an added advantage and perfect for beginners. 

Address: RNS Residency, Murdeshwar, Karnataka 581350

15. Netrani Adventures


Since 2009 December, Netrani Adventures has been providing diving services that are fun and give professional certifications. It is a PADI registered center. Netrani Adventures provides you with the experience of your life underwater that you will remember forever. 

Address: Temple Road, Murdeshwar, – 581350

The deeper you go, the more you will feel like exploring the beauty of the ocean. It gives me a sense of being closest to nature. While everyone has different experiences and feelings about Scuba diving, one common thing with all scuba divers is that they live to tell the tale. The tale of coral reef, octopus, tropical fish, sea turtles, exotic eels, tiny critters, underwater rainbow, and much more.

So do you love Scuba diving? Share your best experience with us!

FAQs – Scuba diving in Chennai

Is it dangerous to scuba dive?

Scuba diving in Chennai, as with other places, is completely safe provided you do it with trained professionals.

Can non swimmers do scuba diving?

Yes, non-swimmers can go scuba diving through scuba service providers and dive professionals. Scuba diving in Chennai is offered for those willing to try it.

Is Chennai safe for scuba diving?

The instructors for scuba diving in Chennai take all necessary precautions to ensure diver safety. Only the safest diving spots are selected.

Which city is best for scuba diving in India?

Aside from scuba diving in Chennai, one of the best cities for scuba diving is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Is scuba diving in Chennai expensive as a hobby?

Considering how much time you will spend in the dive, scuba diving is moderately priced. The rates usually start at ₹3000 for a basic dive session.

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