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Shopping - Dubai Shopping Festival

Visiting a place is a whole new experience by itself. You never know what that place has got to offer you. When you are traveling it is very important that you commit and focus yourself to make the best of your time when you are there. A place once visited should be the one you will cherish for a long time to come.

As the best travel blogs in India would tell you, traveling is not just about the place and the surroundings. Besides site-seeing, experiencing the culture and tradition is necessary to understand the region and its people. Dubai is one of the most loved and most visited places abroad. One of the most prominent things about the place is the most fascinating Dubai Shopping Festival. 20 years and still counting, Dubai has been hosting this with a great show.

Although this festival was initially designed to make Dubai a global shopping destination for tourists and set a benchmark for events across the world, it has today become the most exciting all-age entertainment junction.

FAQs – Dubai Shopping Festival
Dubai Shopping Festival

Shopping is a must indulge activity if you are in Dubai to experience another aspect of this lively place. Dubai Shopping Festival starts every year in January that offers some unbelievable discounts/deals on an extensive array of products and irresistible prizes including cars, gold, cash, and expensive items. Besides shopping, DSF is known as the biggest festival of United Arab involving loads of enjoyable activities. Sound and light show, fireworks, street performances, street carnivals, art exhibitions, excellent food, desert camp and much more that will make your stay a memorable one.

There are so many things to do in the Dubai shopping festival. You could enjoy different cuisines of food, explore various art forms and so on.

Here Are The Things To Do at the Dubai shopping festival

1. Global Village

Global Village - Things To Do at the Dubai shopping festival
Global Village – Things To Do at the Dubai shopping festival

Just like the name goes, Global Village is organized primarily to bring the entire globe into one place. Here, you will get to shop for retail products that are popular in different countries. Right from Indian handicrafts to China’s Toys to Thailand’s fresh fruits, all come under one roof called Global Village. The place will also keep you entertained with its food stall, performances, quiz, lucky draws, water sports, and kids rides. To explore this global village is one of the many things that you can do at the Dubai shopping festival.

3. Desert Camp at Dubai Shopping Festival

Global Village - Things To Do at the Dubai shopping festival
Global Village – Things To Do at the Dubai shopping festival

Desert Camp is another key attraction at DSF for tourists who love to do some horse and camel riding. Especially for adventure enthusiasts visiting desert camp is a must, as it offers endless activities like dune bashing, quad biking and other desert sports. You can find clothes, handicrafts and a range of traditional items for shopping. Desert camp is great fun for kids as well that incorporate kiddy and inflatable zones for real excitement.

4. Tax-Free Shopping

Shopping - Dubai Shopping Festival
Shopping – Things To Do at the Dubai shopping festival

Dubai shopping fest is apt for shopaholics. It is where they get an opportunity to buy products much cheaper than at home during DSF using Tax-Free Shopping. Who wouldn’t get lured to attractive and shining jewelry, watches and clothing? Also, this fest is where you can find the best discounts on amusing bags and beautiful carpets. Electronics can be bought at never before prices with close to 75% of cuts. This is something that you will not come across every single day.

5. Carnival Parade at Dubai shopping Festival

Carnival Parade at Dubai shopping Festival
Carnival Parade – Things To Do at the Dubai shopping festival

DSF Carnival Parade is filled with spectacular performances by more than 300 famous international artists hosting every weekend during DSF. You can watch various performances including jugglers, gymnasts, musicians, clowns, cyclists, stilt walkers, jazz dance and more during the parade. The best part is to have various versions of these – Arabic, Russian, Chinese, etc. Never miss out on the most fun part of this Dubai shopping fest.

Here are other exciting things to do in the Dubai shopping fest that will blow your mind. You will want to visit it again and again as you cannot get enough of it. The spectacle and the beauty of the events hosted are worth the wait. Watching them itself is a prize while experiencing them in person is a whole new experience. When over there, the Dubai shopping fest is one that you should never miss.

Let’s take a look at other exciting things to do at Dubai Shopping Festival:

1. Layali Dubai Concert

Music lovers should not miss Layali Dubai Concert that is held during DSF bringing some fantastic singers/artists performing live in concert.

2. DSF Firework

DSF Firework generally takes place at Dubai Creek or Al Seef Street during the night that can be viewed from various points of the city.

3. Al Seef Street

Apart from hosting Dubai Shopping Festival bazaar, Al Seef Street accommodates various entertainers from different countries presenting their talent.

4. Carpet Oasis

Get to carpet oasis to shop for some of the unique carpet and rugs and other art things at an unbeatable price.

5. Gourmets

Whether you love Chinese, French, Italian or Arabic food, Gourmets has everything in the store. Also, get involved in events for some cool prizes and gifts.

Carrying some extra luggage while returning home will not be of trouble after shopping for such attractive discounts, so go ahead and enjoy this outstanding shopping festival in Dubai! It’s currently one of the top destinations for all the best Indian travel bloggers!

Although there are various reasons to plan a holiday in Dubai, considering the shopping festival during your visit can be very impressive. This can be the most significant opportunity to bag some cool stuff for you and your loved ones.


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