Dubai Shopping Festival – Everything you Need to Know

Dubai Shopping Festival - Everything you Need to Know

Dubai is a great holiday choice for a solo traveler or even for a family vacation. The world-class infrastructure, the exquisite and super tall buildings are worth visiting. There are so many places to visit in Dubai with family. Of all the tourist attractions, the Dubai shopping festival is the most talked-about activity.

It has various things to do and many exciting and colorful spectacles. Food, shopping, games and whatnot, Dubai Shopping Festival is one of its kind in the world and is a must-try for anyone who visits Dubai. So what is this festival and gathering all about? Here’s all you need to know about it.

Right from shopping apparel to jewels to everything glittery, the Dubai Shopping Festival is quite an amusing option to consider when in Dubai. Here are things that you can do when you are at the Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival City Mall

The Dubai Festival City Mall is the favorite city mall of all. It has close to 500 brands and stores. It is home to IKEA and Zara and many other exquisite shopping brands. So what is in there is a surprise till you reach the place. There are shops to buy accessories, eyewear, electronics and computers, health and beauty products, jewellery, home furnishing, books, watches and women’s fashion. If you are a food lover, there are great places to dine. There are entertaining areas like the play area for kids and also some fun time for adults. The mall also has a separate space for prayer and has a car charging station too. 

Things to buy in Dubai Shopping Festival

1. Gold Jewellery

Most women adore jewelry, and when it comes to gold, many do not stop from going head over heels to it. Dubai is known to be a place where you could buy great gold ornaments. They have intricate designs, pure and certified gold. From traditional to contemporary to modern designs, the designs are all ravishing. Diamonds, metals and other precious stones are also some of the things that you could buy from here. Do buy gold here if you are looking for a good investment in it.

2. Apparels

No matter how much you have in your wardrobe but you still crave for more. The Dubai Shopping Festival offers many options to choose from. Stalls, exhibitions and other brands put up their shops to sell amazing things. Get spoilt by all the possibilities that you get here—partywear to gowns to jeans and different great outfits. 

3. Perfumes and Cosmetics

To all the beauty lovers, are you looking for super affordable and the best beauty brands to buy? From contour to blush to any other beauty products, you can find them all here. On the other hand, some stores sell aromatic perfumes. Perfumes bought from here are the best, and some even have a rare collection. If you visit here, you should grab on a few before leaving.

4. Gadgets

Tax-free is all that one desires. Apple, Bose, Sony, Acer, and other great brands are sold here tax-free. As a cherry on top, you get the Dubai Shopping Festival offers. This makes the gadgets even cheaper. You can now buy laptops, mobile phones, phone accessories and whatnot at the best prices.

5. Dry fruits and spices 

Exocit dry fruits and rare herbs and spices are the other things that you can find here. Rare spices like saffron can be found here. Though the prices are too high due to its origin and originality, it is worth the taste and quality. 

To get more out of this extravagant festival, you can download the Dubai Shopping Festival app to know more and get the latest updates and stay connected. This is one of the handy tips that you should know to explore the place to its full potential. 

Things to do in Dubai Shopping Festival

There are so many things to do in Dubai Shopping Festival. The best travel blogs in India have a special mention of these things. Also, many best travel bloggers in India have mentioned these. Here’s a list of things that you could do when in Dubai Shopping Festival:

1. Live Concerts

A festival like this is where there’s the biggest gathering of people. Visitors, tourists and people from all over the world come here to witness the beauty of this celebration. The stage here offers the best programs. If you happen to be around here at that time, you are sure to witness at least one live concert. It can be a dance concert, a play, an act or even a music concert where famous artists take the stage and make people spellbound.

2. Skiing

Did you know that this massive place also holds a skiing spot? People visiting the Dubai Shopping Festival can enjoy an hour-long of skiing in the snow. There is also snowboarding and occasional spotting of penguins. It is one of the most relaxing things to do. You can also see the skating ground get transformed into a runway that has fashion shows conducted on it. 

3. Food

Dubai Shopping Festival offers a wide range of food cuisine to taste. Food stalls and food courts provide the best variety of food. Some of the best and renowned chefs around the world come here to give a taste of their magic. 

4. Carnival

The fest has many other programs like live music, food tasting places, street-performances, magic shows, flash mobs, celebrity performances and much more! Who wouldn’t want even to miss such events? As a unique attraction for the kids, they also get to meet their favourite cartoon characters. 

5. Fireworks

The pride and beauty of this festival is the massive fireworks show. Right from tiny sparkly designs to ginormous and beautifully designed rockets that steal the show is reserved for the end of the day. It is luring, eye-catching and exceptionally high. Irrespective of age one would love to see them light up the night sky in bright deep colours. 

Going to this place is indeed a happy time. But before you plan, there are a few things that you can keep in mind. This would help make your schedule accordingly.

Dubai Shopping Festival dates

The Dubai Shopping Festival dates somewhere between in the first quarter of the year. It starts by the end of December and lasts till February. 

Interesting facts about Dubai Shopping Festival

  • The Dubai Shopping Festival was started in the year 1996 as a trade event to bring more exposure to Dubai in terms of retail trade 
  • It is an annual fest and people all over the world come together to witness this great show
  • There are always great discounts and deals on various products
  • If you ever get tired shopping, you can always go for a relaxing spa
  • It is a hub for delicious food and great cuisine

Things to keep in mind before you rock yourself in the Dubai Shopping Fest

It happens once a year in a magnificent grandeur and in a pompous way. It attracts tourists and people from all over the world to witness this great show. To get your hands on the best of things set out for shopping, start early to explore the stores. Since the place is of high demand, do not complain if you miss out on grabbing the best fit apparels for yourself. The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the crowdest places, and so safety is paramount, especially if you are going with your family and have kids. Research well before you get to the location. There is no need to worry about food as the place is loaded with the best of dishes and cuisines. 

The fest provides so many things to buy. Be wise and pick only the ones that are a necessity for you. And, another best thing about the fest is, if you get tired, there are spas where you can rejuvenate yourself with some excellent massage. Get the best out of it! The locals are friendly, and they do help you if you are stuck or need help. Do not forget to ask them for suggestions before you visit the place. People across the world come here at this time to explore the best options. As the name says, it indeed is a shopping festival. This happens every year between December and February and lasts for a month or more. Now that you know what it is all about and what all can be done here do make the best out of it.

If you are planning your vacation to Dubai, schedule it during this time so you would be able to enjoy this event. Who wouldn’t want to explore the best shopping time? This place is ideal for a family vacation as there is some or the other thing to satisfy everyone irrespective of their age.  


FAQs – Dubai Shopping Festival

What is special about the Dubai Shopping Festival?

The main crowd pulling factor of the Dubai Shopping Festival is undoubtedly the cultural diversity and the scale of the event. It truly is “One World, One Family, One Festival.”!

What can we do at the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Aside from shopping at the Dubai Shopping Festival, you can check out the live shows that happen, as well as the fireworks displays. It’s a month-long event with plenty to do!

What are the Dubai Shopping Festival dates in 2020?

The most recent Dubai Shopping Festival happened from 26 December 2019 to 1 February 2020. It is set to recur at the same time this year-end as well.

How long is the Dubai Shopping Festival?

The Dubai Shopping Festival is conducted over the course of a month, from late December to early February every year.

What are the things we can buy at the Dubai Shopping Festival?

There is no end to the amount you can shop at the Dubai Shopping Festival. You can buy things at their luxurious malls, and even win cars!

Is shopping in Dubai cheaper than India?

Objectively speaking, shopping in places like the Dubai Shopping Festival is cheaper than India, because the goods are duty-free and taxes on goods are relaxed.

Is it worth buying electronic products at the Dubai Shopping Festival?

All the products and merchandise sold at the Dubai Shopping Festival are of top-notch quality, so go ahead and buy without any fear!

What is your review of the Dubai Shopping Festival?

In my opinion, the Dubai Shopping Festival is a must-visit global event for every aspiring traveller, to experience the cultural diversity on offer.

What things are cheap at the Dubai Shopping Festival?

To check out the cheap offerings at the Dubai Shopping Festival, you should definitely stop by the convenience stores at the malls in Dubai for great deals!

Where is the venue for the Dubai Shopping Festival?

The Dubai Shopping Festival is conducted in its own sprawling complex in Dubai city. It’s full of sights to see and things to buy!

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