7 Famous Temples In Hampi That You Need To Visit

Famous Temples In Hampi


Are you planning to visit Hampi? Well, you totally should – book your tickets already! This blog will help you discover the famous temples in Hampi! You’ll learn about the best time to visit Hampi, how to reach the site, and how to have a comfortable trip! 

Read on to find out more about this mysterious town!


Hampi, a town synonymous with serene, calm, and culture in Karnataka, has all of my heart. I remember my visit to Hampi as clear as day – roaming with my camera from one temple to another and being amazed by the beauty of the town. While there are just SO many things you can do in Hampi, you just can’t cover it all in a 2-day or 3-day vacation! For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of the famous temples in Hampi that you should definitely visit! 

Did you know that Hampi is called the city of ruins? Wait till the end of the blog to find out how Hampi went from a capital city to complete ruins!

Let’s start by discussing how and when to visit Hampi!

Best Time To Visit Hampi 

Best Time To Visit Hampi - Famous Temples In Hampi
Best Time To Visit Hampi – Famous Temples In Hampi

The most enjoyable time to visit Hampi is in the winter. The Hampi Festival, which takes place in November, is one of the most entertaining and well-known celebrations in Hampi. People participate in various events during this festival, including musical performances, fireworks displays, dancing performances, puppet shows, and so on.

Hampi is also beautiful during the rainy season (July – November), where its beauty is enhanced!

How To Reach Hampi

How To Reach Hampi - Famous Temples In Hampi
How To Reach Hampi – Famous Temples In Hampi

You can reach Hampi comfortably by air, rail, and road! 

By Air

The closest international airport is 350 kilometres distant. Bellary, a domestic airport near Hampi, makes it easy for visitors to visit the site. Tourists can simply commute to land and take off at Bellary airport, located 60 kilometres away. Tourists can take a taxi cab from here to get to Hampi in comfort.

By Rail

The nearest train station to Hampi is Hospet, 13 kilometres away. Tourists can reach the location in comfort by hiring a taxi or cab. Hospet is well connected to major cities and towns, like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Goa, among others.

By road

Bus services to Hampi are available from all major cities and towns. There are numerous private buses, tourist buses, luxury buses, and state buses that go from location to location, allowing tourists to quickly reach their destination. Road travel is possible to Hyderabad (361km), Bangalore (372km), and Hubli (162km).

7 Famous Temples in Hampi That You Need To Visit

Your visit is incomplete without visiting these famous temples in Hampi! 

7. Virupaksha Temple: With a Pet Elephant!

Virupaksha Temple - Famous Temples In Hampi
Virupaksha Temple – Famous Temples In Hampi

Virupaksha temple, one of the most famous temples in Hampi, received a share of beautification during the Vijaynagara empire, but the temple is said to be the only one dated back to the 7th century. The special collection of vivid and exquisite murals on the walls and ceiling of the Ranga Mantapa is a major attraction of the Virupaksha Temple. 

Look out for their own pet elephant that will greet you as soon as you enter the temple! 

Timings: Sunrise – Sunset 

Price: No entry fee

6. Vitthala Temple: With The Famous Chariot of Hampi! 

Vitthala Temple - Famous Temples In Hampi
Vitthala Temple – Famous Temples In Hampi

The three-kilometer-long Vitthala temple and market complex is located northeast of the Virupaksha temple and closer to the Tungabhadra river. The shrine, which was a sacred location for the Vijayanagara kings, is thought to have been built in the early to the mid-16th century. The temple is dedicated to Vitthala, a form of Lord Krishna. The Garuda shrine, a beautiful stone chariot in the Vitthala temple, is one of Hampi’s most photographed structures. 

The chariot at Vitthala temple has come to represent Hampi. An open-pillared mandapam surrounds the Garuda shrine with 56 carved stone beams of various shapes, sizes, and lengths. You can also listen to music in their musical pillars, making it one of the unique temples in Hampi. 

Timings: 6 AM – 6 PM
Price: No entry fee

5. Queen’s Bath: A bath amidst arched tunnels!  

Queen’s Bath - Famous Temples In Hampi
Queen’s Bath – Famous Temples In Hampi

Coming third in our list of famous temples in Hampi, the Queen’s Bath is also known as the large bath of Hampi. Despite being created over 500 years ago, this amazing edifice is still standing. Its basic exterior mixes wonderfully with its intricate inside to embrace its entire appeal.

It is a rectangular building around 30 square metres with a big sunken bath in the centre. You might be interested in knowing that there are arched tunnels around this Royal bath.

Timings: 8:30 AM – 6 PM
Price: No entry fee

4. Lotus Mahal 

Lotus Mahal - Famous Temples In Hampi
Lotus Mahal – Famous Temples In Hampi

Shaped like a lotus flower, the lotus mahal is another one of the temples in Hampi. The central dome of this Mahala is shaped like a lotus bud, and the balcony and corridors are shaped like petals. The roof features a multi-layered design that reflects the Indo architectural style. Approximately 24 pillars support the arched windows of this palace.

Timings: 8:00 AM – 6 PM
Price: Rs. 10/- for Indians and Rs. 250/- for foreigners. No entry fee for children below the age of 15. 

3. Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple: Temple on a hill!

Yantrodharaka Hanuman - Famous Temples In Hampi
Yantrodharaka Hanuman – Famous Temples In Hampi

Situated just over 2 km from Virupaksha temple, the Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple is part of a cave above a hill that worships Lord Hanuman. The Tungabhadra river also flows through the hill’s steps. Lord Hanuman can be seen here in a deep state of concentration. Another temple dedicated to Lord Srinivasa can be found within five minutes of here.

Timings: Best visited during the day
Price: No entry fee

2. Achyutaraya Temple: An architectural gem!

Achyutaraya Temple - Famous Temples In Hampi
Achyutaraya Temple – Famous Temples In Hampi

The Achyutaraya Temple was one of the last creations by the Vijaynagara empire. It was built by (and named after) Vijaynagara’s last ruler, Achyuta Deva Raya and is home to Lord Tiruvengalanatha, a form of Vishnu. You’ll have to climb a set of stairs to reach this temple,  but it’s all worth it! 

Timings: 05:30 am to 01:00 pm; 05:30 pm to 09:00 pm.
Price: No entry fee

1. Hazara Rama Temple: Ramayana in Hampi 

Hazara Rama Temple - Famous Temples In Hampi
Hazara Rama Temple – Famous Temples In Hampi

Hazara Rama Temple, one of the gorgeous temples in Hampi, is dedicated to Lord Rama and is in the centre of a regal territory. The walls of this temple are ready to show guests the complete Ramayana flow.

You will encounter remnants of the Hindu deities Lord Rama and Krishna when you arrive. Also, don’t miss out on the fragments depicting a Dasara celebration. A large grass significantly stretched apart can be found on its northern side. The temple has two large escapes, and the interior features sculpted columns.

Timings: 6 AM – 6 PM
Price: No entry fee

The History of Hampi 

History of Hampi - Famous Temples In Hampi
History of Hampi – Famous Temples In Hampi

The wretched story of Hampi from the fortified city to the city of ruins is filled with incredible legends, many of which you’ll discover as you keep wandering through the city. 

In the 14th century, Hampi was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. According to the Persian and European travelers’ accounts, Hampi was a thriving, opulent, and grand city near the Tungabhadra River, with several temples, farms, and commercial markets. Centuries later, today, people worldwide visit the famous temples in Hampi and come to witness what this city has to offer. 

Hampi thrived under the rule of King Krishnadeva Raya of the Tuluva Dynasty, who protected and built the Vijaynagara empire. It was only under the rule of Aliya Rama Raya, whose commanders betrayed him and sided with the Delhi Sultanates for religion, that led to its demolition. The sultanates spent almost six months looting, demolishing, and burning Hampi to its ruins. 

There are many more legends attached to this beautiful city that I’ll leave for you to discover during your visit to the temples in Hampi. 


These were the seven most famous temples in Hampi! The city is filled with beauty and culture that you can witness nowhere else! It is also one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, and I was truly mesmerized by its beauty! 

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope you found it helpful. If you would like to read more of these blogs, do visit my website www.gulshanbafna.com and get acquainted with the world of travel! 

Which of these famous temples in Hampi are you most excited to visit? Let me know in the comments below!


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