25 fun things to do in Goa

Goa is one of the best places in India for vacation if you are a person that loves the beach. Goa is a place that is perfect for anyone that seeks an adventure or just wants to chill on the beach. But there is so much more to Goa than just the beaches. There are many things that Goa offers, and many things that promise to be as fun as ever. Every trip in Goa can bring to you and your life a new adventure. 

The things you can do in that magical land are many. Often when one has to make a list for travel plans, you know exactly what you want to add to the list. However, with Goa, you are spoilt for choices. Goa – a party place, an adventure place, a place to relax, a place to find freedom, a place to chill, and more – a single place for all kinds of vacation needs.  Here is a list of 25 fun things you can do when in Goa, or go there specifically to do the following things.

 25 Fun Things To Do in Goa 

1. Snorkeling in Bogmalo Beach

Snorkeling in Bogmalo Beach in goa- fun things to do in Goa

Snorkeling is gaining importance. You go underwater and find the beauty that lies underwater and discovers a different universe. Bogmalo Beach is a fairly shallow beach and enables people that want to explore this different world to do it easier. Professionals conduct this snorkeling for about 3 hours per batch.  

2. Paragliding in Arambol

Paragliding in Arambol in goa - fun things to do in Goa

Arambol is a beautiful beach that has a great view of the Arabian sea. It is a fairly untouched beach and is great and famous for its paragliding activities. If you like the ocean and like to experience the freedom of flying over the ocean, this certainly is for you. It lasts about 20 minutes and you can actually record the entire activity using a video recorded if you want.  

3. Cabo De Rama

Cabo De Rama fort in goa - fun things to do in Goa

There is so much history in Goa that you could devote some time exploring Goan history for fun. Cabo De Rama is considered to be one of Goa’s oldest forts.  This is one of the untouched parts of Goa that is beautiful for the view of the beach from every part of the fort. Though this chapel and barracks were built in 1700 by Portuguese, it has the history of being conquered by Hindus and Mughals as well.   

4. Kayaking and speed boat experience at Baina Beach

Kayaking and speed boat experience at Baina Beach - fun things to do in Goa

If you are into water sports, Goa is almost the best place to go in India, particularly Baina Beach. Parasailing, kayaking, jet-skiing, are all options to the water sports adventurists. Backed with safety precautions like lifeboats and trained supervisors, the water sports are certainly adventurous and fun, yet, not dangerous.  

5. Parasailing on Baga Beach

Parasailing on Baga Beach in goa - fun things to do in Goa

Baga is one of the more popular beaches of Goa that has great food and a lot of water sports. Parasailing is particularly a famous activity over the ocean on Baga Beach. Using a speed boat and a parasail, you can soar over 300 feet off the ground to get the best view of the ocean and the beach. The breathtaking view is something that you should experience at some point.  

6. Chapora River, Houseboat

Chapora River, Houseboat in goa - fun things to do in Goa

It is true that for most people when you think houseboats, you probably think Kerala or Kashmir. But do not be fooled; Goa has, on offer, some fantastic houseboat experiences. One of the more special and romantic ones is dining on a houseboat experience on the Chapora River. Dining and dancing on a houseboat under the clear star-studded sky can certainly be a mind-blowing experience, whether you are out with friends, family or on a romantic date. 

7. Butterfly Conservatory

Butterfly Conservatory in goa - fun things to do in Goa

A conservatory for beautiful cheerful butterflies that can brighten up your day is a fantastic plan for an outing to ease your mind and get lost in the beauty of their colors. You can feed them, watch them for hours, as they go on with their activities and flutter around. With over 100 species, this place is a treat to the eyes. 

8. Rafting at Valpoi River

Butterfly Conservatory in goa - fun things to do in Goa

Rafting is a thrilling activity that is one of the major attractions on the Valoi River. It is an activity that is for people of all ages. There are many levels in terms of how experienced you are to go rafting. However, even if you are new to rafting, they have all the protection standards in place to ensure your safety. They follow international standards in safety and provide all the protective gear to have safe and fun rafting experience.   

9. Grande Island

Grande Island in Goa- fun things to do in Goa

Grande Island also called Bat Island or Ilha Grande is one of those islands that can occupy you for half a day, and you surely will not regret it. You will need to take a sailboat to the island to be completely blown away by the view. Grande island has a host of activities, including snorkeling, swimming, dolphin spotting and more. But if you just want to do nothing, sunbathing is as good an option to soak up the beauty of this place. 

10. Scuba Diving at Grande Island

Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa - fun things to do in Goa

Considered one of the safest places to go scuba diving because of shallow waters, the experience at Grande Island is par excellence. It is an experience that lets you get up close and personal with aquatic life. With standard safety precautions and professionally experienced trainers, this scuba diving activity is not just safe but also mesmerizing. This, however, is not for children below 12 years of age, pregnant women, or the elderly.  

11. Spice Plantations Walk

Spice Plantations Walk in Goa- fun things to do in Goa

If you were under the impression that Goa is only all about the beaches, then the Spice Plantations will surely come as a pleasant surprise. Savoi plantations and Sahakari Spice Farm are considered some of the more popular plantations for their beauty and serenity. Specifically, Savoi Plantation is considered one of the oldest plantations in Goa, which is in Ponda, 25 km from Panjim. Go on the nature walk and absorb all the smells and natural beauty of the plantation. There are a host of plants that grow in this region including coconut, betel nuts, and certain fruits. 

12. Island Hopping


Yes, very similar to pub hopping, Goa offers the unique experience of Island Hopping. Goa has many little secluded islands that are far from all the hustle-bustle of mainland Goa. They are serene islands with beautiful landscapes, a great environment and calm and quiet. Each island is unique with food options and many ferries take you around to the different islands for an enchanting experience.    

13. Chill at Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach In Goa - fun things to do in Goa

Palolem Beach is certainly a place to go if you want to chill in a shack and go on a dolphin-spotting experience with the local fishermen. There are many eateries in Palolem that dish up great food, especially when you venture away from the beach. There are also a lot of little stores that sell clothes, spices, special Goa magnets, different types of teas and more.    

14. Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls in Goa - fun things to do in Goa

If you are into trekking, you will not regret your trek to Dudhsagar Falls. The mesmerizing colors of nature – the green of the trees, the milky white of the water, are all a sight to see. Considered one of the tallest falls in India, Dudhsagar is situated between the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. Without a doubt, monsoon is the best time to visit this fall. 

15. Ocean Trek in Arambol

Ocean Trek in Arambol in Goa - fun things to do in Goa

This is a beautiful picturesque trek that is about 5 km long. It is a group event and requires at least a minimum of 6 participants. You get to trek through the area, from Paliem plateau to Arambol beach. The hillside walk along the sea is a sight to be blown away by. The scenery is certainly breathtaking and the experience is worth the while. Ensure that you wear full pants and comfortable shoes for the trek and carry some swimwear because you will have many opportunities to take a dip in the waters.   

16. Sunset Cruise at Bogmalo Beach

Sunset Cruise at Bogmalo Beach in Goa- fun things to do in Goa

There is something about setting foot on the cruise in the Arabian sea. It has a mesmerizing feeling about it. When this cruise is combined with a golden sunset at the Bogmalo beach, it is nothing short of magical. The calm beach, the golden skies, and the beautiful view give you a feeling of heaven on earth.   

17. Catamaran Sailing

Catamaran Sailing in Goa - fun things to do in Goa

If you love the ocean and like to explore it while sailing, Catamaran Sailing is the best money can buy. Goa has some of the best weather conditions to sail in its vast oceans. Many locals sail and that is another thing that you can explore, when in goa. When you want to do something fun, get signed up and set sail. Stay on the boat for as long as you want during the day.   

18. Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon in Goa - fun things to do in Goa

Hot Air Balloons can easily be considered the most romantic things you can do. You can have this experience right in Goa if you are into that kind of thing. Get your Hot Air Balloon experience in Chandor, a village in South Goa. You can book a balloon for 2, accompanied by a pilot. However, if you want to make a party out of it, the balloon rides accommodate up to 10 people. 

19. Backwater Kayaking

Backwater Kayaking in Goa - fun things to do in Goa

Goa is not all about the beaches, Backwater Kayaking is a great adventure that one can experience in Goa. Some locations include Mandovi River, Zuari River, and Sal Backwaters. This is one of those adventures you can have in Goa all year through. Kayak through the rivers and backwaters of Goa knowing you are protected with all the safety equipment required, to make your experience both safe and fabulous. 

20. Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market in Goa

Anjuna is a beautiful beach town that is very popular with tourists. It is famous for its beaches, its churches, and the Anjuna Flea Market. Goa is great for shopping and Anjuna Flea Market is one of the best places in Goa. It is believed that flea markets started when hippies tried to sell second-hand stuff in exchange for money. Now you get a whole bunch of stuff including clothes, jewelry bikes, cellphones and more. Also, they serve up some great food including some best vegetarian restaurants offering special vegetarian dishes, for when you want to take a break from the shopping and the beautiful sights and colors 

21. Casino

Casino in Goa - fun things to do in Goa

Casinos are for those that love fun. There are many Casinos in Goa, the most popular ones are the floating ones. There are Casinos on the Mandovi River, for tourists and locals at different stars and price points. The most popular is the Casino Royale. Nonetheless, Casinos have many games and deals that include meals and drinks and can keep you engaged for hours. However, it is important that as much as it is a great form of engagement, there is a thin line that separates it from becoming an addiction.   

22. Silent Noise Club

Silent Noise Club in Goa- fun things to do in Goa

If you love a party, you will certainly be blown away by the silent noise club at Palolem Goa. This is a silent party, with a difference. They have the same look and feel, there are a whole bunch of people, there is booze flowing, there is food, there is dancing, but there is no sound. Each person wears their headphones and the DJ is playing the songs into the patrons’ ears via the phones. This is a novel idea and is gaining popularity in Goa. So, if you want a party with a difference and a one of a kind experience this is certainly it.   

23. Isolate yourself in Blue Lagoon

Isolate yourself in Blue Lagoon in Goa - fun things to do in Goa

If you like some peace and quiet and are not the partying kind, then many virgin beaches are just the place for you. Blue Lagoon is one of those places that has hardly any crowd and gives you the isolation you need to reflect on life and get your energy back. With a beautiful isolated beach and a shack that serves basic food and beverages, this is the perfect place to just breathe  

24. Crocodile spotting on Zuari River

Crocodile spotting on Zuari River in Goa - fun things to do in Goa

Zuari River is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places in goa. You can go cruising along the river and get a glimpse of some of the flora and fauna Goa has to offer. Spot the good old Indian Mugger Crocodile, and look to spot some of the most exotic birds. You can make an outing of it and have a break for lunch at a Goan farmhouse. To spot the crocodiles in the natural habitat makes the trip that much more worth the while.

25. Experience the food

Food in Goa - fun things to do in Goa

If you are a foodie, Goa is certainly a place that can get you the best experiences of food. Your taste buds will be enticed with the local Goan cuisines. Goan food is a combination of the different kinds of rulers it has gone through, the influences of its region, and tradition. Typically, you can eat food that is Indian, Portuguese influenced and made using coastal traditions. many chefs even offer cooking classes to take home with you this wonderful flavors and make the cuisine your own.    

Goa is a state in India that can capture your imagination in ways that you never know. It does not matter why you go to this mesmerizing piece of land. You want to go there for the beaches, to visit the islands, to be one with nature, to entice your taste buds, to go to the rivers, to experience treks, to party, or to gamble, or to just sit and absorb all of it in the one thing you can be sure of is you will certainly come back rejuvenated and fresh. 

One may suspect that this beauty is in the nature of this place. Whether it be the sights, the experiences, the people, the feeling, the air, the calm, there is something you will always carry back with you with fondness. You will always walk away with a wish to come back, come back because it made you feel at ‘home’.


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