Global Village Dubai – A Village Having World In It

Global Village Dubai - A Village Having World In It

In Dubai, Global Village Dubai is a large entertainment park and outdoor market. It’s only a short drive from Dubai Marina, but I’d never gone to Global Village Dubai before, except for a half-hearted effort in a few years back, when I finally decided to go. While Global Village Dubai is a fantastic place for families, I was astonished by how much more the park has to offer.

The park’s market part has about 20 country-themed pavilions with snacks and souvenirs, but the biggest attraction (for me) is the countless food vendors providing authentic, wonderful street cuisine from all over the world.

You know how to do it. I’ve been whining about how difficult it is to get authentic Thai cuisine in Dubai. In Global Village Dubai, however, this is not the case. Seafood salads (yum woon sen), Pad Thai, and papaya salad (som tam) are all available at the Floating Market, and if you want to sit down and eat your meal, try the Dubai-famous tom yum soup at Yahya, which is fantastic.

In comparison to certain other theme parks I’ve seen, Global Village Dubai appears to be one-of-a-kind and genuine in a way that feels extremely true to Dubai’s ethos.

After dusk, when neon lights of every color of the spectrum light up the park and all the pavilions, the real enchantment begins, and the 5 hours we were already there flew by. I’ll be back very soon, and if you’re thinking of traveling, here’s a fast guide:

When Should You Go To Global Village Dubai?

Time To Visit Global Village Dubai
Time To Visit Global Village Dubai

In the cooler months (October 25 to April 18 in 2021), Global Village Dubai is open every day from 4 p.m. until midnight (1 am on Thursdays and Fridays). Mondays are allocated exclusively for women and families. The park comes alive after dark, so plan on coming at about 6 p.m.

Weekends (Thursday and Friday) are the busiest days at the park, so go during the weekdays for a more relaxed atmosphere (and fewer queues at the rides).

What Is The Best Way To Travel To Global Village Dubai?

Outside of rush hours, Global Village Dubai is a 20-minute car or Uber commute from Dubai Marina. There is lots of free parking near the Gate of the World entry, however, if arriving by Uber, request that your driver drop you off at the Cultural Gate.

You could theoretically get to Global Village Dubai by metro and bus, but that was not something I had considered. You may easily hire a car from Bling Car Rental, which will help you to reach there on time for the most enjoyment.

In Global Village Dubai, My Favourite Sites Are

Global Village Dubai
Global Village Dubai

The Floating Exchange Market

Indulge in delectable street food offered from the canal’s small boats. The majority of the boats serve Thai cuisine, including grilled squid, grilled oysters, and deliciously spicy salads, however there is a ramen boat that showed promise but that I did not have time to try.

Pavilion of Yemen

Handcrafted gifts, spices, and the legendary Yemeni honey can all be found here. This pavilion felt the most authentic of the ones we saw.

The Slingshot of Athens

The Athens Slingshot is a must-do if you’re searching for a thrilling ride. I can’t recall the final time I yelled and laughed that hard.

The World’s Spinner

It is only from this vantage point that the size of the Global Village Dubai becomes apparent. Use the first round of the wheel to take in the scenery while leaving your camera in your backpack, then the second round to take shots. Most of the things I’d like to attempt the next time I’m in town.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

It is A Popular Tourist Attraction In The United States. I was on the verge of going to Ripley’s because it is usually entertaining, but I decided to reserve it for another day and spend the time instead browsing the Global Village Dubai necessities.

Chaat Bazaar In India

A roadway lined with vendors selling chaat and other Indian delicacies. In Global Village Dubai, this is the place to go for vegetarian food, and deciding between the Floating Market and the Indian Chaat Bazaar proved challenging. I’ll go directly to the chaat next time.

One Shopping Stop

Nothing beats a soul shopping trip for getting a true sense of the local culture. Beautiful mementos and handicrafts may be found in the Turkey and Iran pavilions, as well as free enterprise in Thailand, South Korea, and Russia.

Guests can also purchase gorgeous rugs from Iran and Afghanistan, authentic Moroccan Argan oil, and Thai fresh fruits. From Egypt to Europe, Japan to Pakistan, each pavilion transports visitors throughout the world through fragrance, taste, and sound.

What Is The Cost Of Visiting Global Village Dubai?

Cost Of Visiting Global Village Dubai
Cost Of Visiting Global Village Dubai

The admission price is merely 15 AED, and many people simply come to enjoy the scenery and rest on the large lawn in the center. In comparison to Downtown and the Marina, food and beverages are fairly priced, and you won’t have trouble locating meals for around 50AED. Expect to spend 150-200 AED or so on an evening in Global Village Dubai, which includes restaurants, shopping, and a few Carnival rides.

It’s Good To Know, So Read This One Before You Leave

Locals visit the park in large numbers and often dress conservatively. The park does not provide alcohol.  After nightfall, it can get chilly, so bring a coat or a scarf to wrap over your neck. Remember that Mondays are reserved for women and families, so single men should schedule their visit on another day.

If you wish to try one of the Carnival attractions, you must first purchase a card, which you can then load with money at one of the little shops. Most adult rides cost roughly 25 AED, however, the Slingshot costs 65 AED.

FAQs – Global Village Dubai 

Is it worth visiting Global Village Dubai?
Yes, it is definitely worth visiting Global Village Dubai. The park’s market section features around 20 country-themed pavilions selling snacks and souvenirs, but the main draw (for me) is the plethora of food sellers serving authentic, delicious street foods from all over the world.

Is Global Village Dubai Open all year?
No, the Global Village Dubai is not open all year. Every year from October to April, this multi-cultural family-friendly seasonal destination is open. It is open from 4 PM and stays open till midnight.

How much is entry to Global Village Dubai?
The admission fee is only 15 AED, and many visitors simply come to take in the beauty and relax on the huge lawn in the middle. Food and beverages are reasonably priced in comparison to Downtown and the Marina, and you won’t have trouble finding meals for under 50AED. An evening in Global Village Dubai, which includes restaurants, shopping, and a few Carnival rides, should cost around 150-200 AED.

What is the best time to visit Global Village Dubai?
The best time to visit Global Village Dubai is during the weekdays. Since it is open only from October to April, it is genernally very crowded during the weekends (Thursday and Friday).

Do you need to book Global Village tickets in advance?
There is no need to pre-purchase tickets for Global Village; they can be acquired on-site. You can also purchase them through the Global Village website or app.

What attractions are near Global Village?
While you’re at the Dubai Global Village, you can visit the Floating Exchange Market, Pavilion of Yemen, The Slingshot of Athens, The World’s Spinner, or the Chaat Bazaar In India. To know more about these places, you can check out this blog!

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