Great Barrier Reef – Experience the Beauty of the underground water

Great barrier reef

Yes, it was a trip to Australia in October of last year. It’s one of the best times of the year to visit. I along with my beautiful wife took this trip for twenty days, and it was fantastic. When I started planning the trip, people asked me not to miss was the Great Barrier Reef in Crain. They were not wrong. The Great Barrier Reef is the most breathtaking thing I have ever had to experience.

Considered endangered, this is one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders. If you love the ocean there is almost none that compares. It is believed that the best time to visit it is between June and November every year, and luckily we got there just in time.

There is no trip to Crain that will be worth it if you have not experienced the barrier reef. It is recognized as the world’s largest coral reef comprising 3000 coral reels and 600 islands that are continental. I am not sure of the statistics, but surely it was breathtaking.

If you are travelling to Crain, this is an experience I highly recommend, not just because it is a good place to see, but to know the kind of universe we live in. We also get a sense of how we have to preserve what we already have and are ruining it.

We went on two separate one-day trips that we picked. On the first day, we went for a Day Trip – Silverswift. In this experience, we went on a catamaran. They took us to different locations, to allow us to dive and look at the ocean and the species down under. If you can’t swim or dive for the first time then you can take introductory diving and carry on with the plan. Our highlight was to sight clownfish, of Finding Nemo fame. And of course, the surrounded water drools with sharks, rays, whales, dolphins, sea snakes and more.

Some of the things I can recall was obviously the beautiful view of seeing the different species that inhabit the ocean. Snorkelling is a must in the barrier reef. Depending on what you want to do, pick the one-day trip options that you think works for you.

Then on day two, we took a half-day trip to the Green Island Eco Adventure. About 27 kilometres from Crain, Green Island is an amazing coral cay. If you want to see marine creatures and transform your life forever, this is certainly a place you should go to. We spotted some turtles and that was simply experienced like none other.

The underwater experience is mind-blowing. Just the species that you will see, if you can swim and are fairly fit, this is totally the place that you want to spend some time and money. We went for the guided tour with instructors giving us all the instructions. The greatest thing is that even if you do not know how to float there are many places that you can walk off the beach and see the beauty that is underwater. Or perhaps just grab a place on the beachside, order a cocktail and relax!

There is always something I recommend when I travel, and that is to see the marvel that our world has to offer. This is certainly one of those. The ocean always has a calming sense on me and my wife, and this barrier reef with all its beauty was really relaxing. I recommended that anyone that travels to Australia, take the time to spend some time to visit the barrier reef before we as humankind might ruin it completely.

The world, as I know it, is constantly changing. The Crain Barrier reef experience made me feel, at least for that day, that the world had stopped still. I was one with the universe, while I absorbed its magic.

My wife and I had the best time looking at the mesmerizing beauty of the ocean. She specifically loved it because the travel bug has caught on to her majorly. After a day trip to the barrier reef, watching the sunset in the Australian ocean, with my beautiful wife was the greatest experience.

Reflecting on the wonders of the universe has always been my thing to do. And watching a universe that exists underwater was particularly special.


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