Haunted Places in Ooty With Their Spooky Stories

Hotel Lakeview - Haunted places in Ooty
Hotel Lakeview – Haunted places in Ooty

Hill stations are God’s own blessing to us. Ooty is one such beautiful land which most of them would’ve visited. Ooty is the most readily sought after vacation spot across the nation and is truly a ‘Queen of Hills’.

Despite the beauty of this enchanting place, like every other place, haunted stories did not spare Ooty. There are a few haunted places in Ooty which the folklore talk about.

What is even more fascinating is that people who visit Ooty and come back with a distinct story to validate it. In this blog, let me run you through a few haunted places in Ooty that I visited and think it is worth to let you know about it.

Haunted places in Ooty for Thrilling Experience 

1. Fern Hill Hotel

Fern Hill Hotel Ooty, India - Haunted places in Ooty
Fern Hill Hotel Ooty, India – Haunted places in Ooty

The Fern hill hotel is a spectacular scenic beauty but little did I know that it has an undeniable tale that goes along with it and is one of the haunted places in Ooty. The fern hill hotel was built as a summer residence of the Mysore Maharaja back then in his times.

Folklore’s story

Fern Hill Hotel Ooty - Haunted places in Ooty
Fern Hill Hotel Ooty – Haunted places in Ooty

There are quite a few folklore stories which say that the place does have a spooky ambience and is known for its low vibrations. All that is known as of now is that a lass committed suicide at the Fern hill hotel.

The hotel was closed for renovation somewhere around March 2018. If it was actually closed for renovations is a matter of question and many claims that it was closed off due to the unnatural things that were happening there.

Discourse Incidents

Fern Hill Hotel – Haunted places in Ooty

The interiors are a visual treat, and it does have a warm and cosy environment. But then again the ambience of the hotel is a little creepy given that the palace is very big and spacious. Just true to the phrase, ‘ Everything that is dark in the eyes of the Lord is a demon’, I myself did feel a little scared and nervous in the fern hill hotel. Everyone who visits this place would have something or the other to tell about it. One popular story that has increased the notice to this place is the story of the shooting for the movie ‘Raaz’ that took place in the Fern hill hotel.

One popular incident that the actress of the movie herself claimed is that the shooting kept hearing furniture dragging and replacement sounds all through the night. And when they asked the receptionist about it and claimed that they couldn’t sleep because of the noise upstairs, the receptionist revealed that there was no room above theirs and even points it out by taking the people out. 

This sent a shrill down the spine of the Raaz team. Few claim that this was just a part of the movie’s promotion, but there are many other incidents that do stand for the bizarre incidents that take place here.  These 500 acres of lush green and luxurious hotel has a strong haunted story to go along with it and ever since, the place has become more popular and gets wide recognition.

2. Hotel Lakeview

Hotel Lakeview Ooty - Haunted places in Ooty
Hotel Lakeview Ooty – Haunted places in Ooty

Hotel Lakeview is another haunted place in Ooty what many claims. What’s with hotels being haunted is one thing that I have never understood. This hotel Lakeview is a cosy and comfortable place but unavoidably has few spooky incidents from time to time.

It is evidently experienced by many at the hotel. One thing that many folklore and real incidents claims as well is that they can hear a wailing woman’s sound every full moon nights.

Did you know that full moon in itself has a predominant influence over the human’s mind and body? It could also be a passive response that many exhibits as well. But if it is really haunted or a passive response from people there is one thing we will never know, will we?

Of course, holidays are for relaxing and taking time off from mundane activities. If you’re someone who takes fancy to all things supernatural and spooky, then give a try staying at these places you would definitely have one hell of an experience. If you visit Ooty, these haunted places in Ooty can be something that you can brag about and say that you have been there.

FAQs – Haunted places in Ooty

1. Which are the most Haunted places in Ooty?
The queen of hills, Ooty, holds multiple horror stories within its walls. The Fern Hill Hotel and Hotel Lakeview are two such haunted places in Ooty that narrate mysterious tales.

2. Which is the best place to visit in Ooty?
If you are weak in the knees for horror stories, The Fern Hill Hotel and Hotel Lakeview are the best Haunted places in Ooty that should be on top of your itinerary.

3. Is it allowed to visit these Haunted places in Ooty at night?
Yes, you can stay at these haunted places in Ooty for the night. However, you may experience a sense of fear and creepiness. If the adrenaline rush excites you – you can go ahead and make your bookings!

4. Do the stories behind these Haunted places in Ooty are real?
There are many claims by people to have had supernatural experiences at Haunted places in Ooty. To know about these stories, you can read the blog.

5. Which are the most haunted places in India?
The most haunted places in India are at the queen of hills – Ooty. The Fern Hill Hotel and Hotel Lakeview are two such haunted places in Ooty that will leave you shivering and a high adrenaline rush!


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