Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Las Vegas

What better way to end the stress of planning and going through a wedding than to take a chill pill and honeymoon in the exciting and fascinating ‘SIN CITY’. Rightfully so, Las Vegas is said to be one of the most entertaining places in the world known for its vibrancy and high energy; thanks to its unique culture as well. Considered to be a place that is explored with friends, Las Vegas is also a chosen honeymooning destination. Have you heard of the phrase ‘getting married in Vegas’? As a luxury traveler in India, I recommend Las Vegas as a prime honeymoon destination. Vegas is a romantic place that has married millions of couples in the little white wedding chapel alone. It is the leading out of town destination for weddings in the United States. What could be more romantic, right?

Although it would cost you a few lakhs for the entire trip, it would be worth the amount spent. You can reach the McCarran international airport through airlines such as Lufthansa, United Airways, British Airways, Air India and others. Summer (June-august) is hot in Las Vegas but otherwise, the weather is pleasant for vacationing. The best time to honeymoon in Las Vegas is between September to November when it is autumn. There are a number of honeymoon resorts and suits that match your level of expectation. Still on the fence about Las Vegas being a honeymoon type of place? Here are the top 10 surreal spots for you to visit in the city of casinos, performance clubs, and nightlife.

Honeymoon Destinations in Las Vegas

#1. The Bellagio hotel & casino

It is a remarkable experience, especially for a newly wedded couple. The next recommendation would be to get a fountain view suite at the Bellagio and have an experience of a lifetime. The able staff and the luxurious rooms make Bellagio a delight to stay in. You can enjoy the Cirque du Soleil’s distinctive acrobats, swimmers & dancers in this aquatic-themed production of ‘O’ on your honeymoon in Las Vegas. The restaurants inside the hotel offer divine delicacies and candlelight dinners.  They also offer great spa deals which you can enjoy with your better half.

#2. The Venetian

The classic & modern Italian setting is a resort that will blow your mind. The 5-star restaurant houses 80 different restaurants and a casino. It houses several shopping complexes and suites that you could opt to stay in. The poolside dinners could be an excellent choice for the honeymooning couple. You can also rent a private cabana and enjoy the holistic Italian experience. Guests of the resort also have the spa, gym and other services on their agenda. One of the highlights of the resort is that the Madame Tussauds wax museum is located here.

#3. The Eiffel tower restaurant

With an amazing view of the strip, this replica of the Eiffel tower, the Eiffel tower restaurant is all things romantic. Most of America’s proposals happen in this architectural marvel. It is a perfect spot for an exclusive fine dining kind of evening. The top of the tower holds a spectacular view of the entire city. You can dazzle your loved one by inviting them for a surprise evening at this amazing venue. The view in this restaurant is one to be talked about. You can dine with your better half and watch the Bellagio’s dancing fountains all at the same time. It smells like France inside the restaurant with the  Burgundy velour banquettes and a Belle Époque décor. The plush restaurant serves amazing French cuisine that is a dream to have. Pair wine with the setting and it is as romantic as romantic can get.

#4. The helicopter rides around grand canyon:

Taking off from the Strip you get to enjoy the wondrous Grand Canyon in a god-like manner. Hotel tour packages usually cover this part and if not you can choose any tour plan that includes the grand canyon ride. Make sure that the tour includes the hoover dam pedestrian walk, the grand canyon skywalk, scenic view from the eagle and the Guano points, the helicopter and the boat ride inclusive. This would be a great experience if you and your partner are adventure lovers.

#5. The MGM Grand hotel

Located on The Strip, the MGM Grand hosts some of the best entertainment in the city. It is the largest single hotel in the United States and houses the MGM grand garden arena concert and sporting venue. Both classical and contemporary suites as per your taste can be chosen for your time there. Fine dining options in the restaurant include Brilliant Japanese cuisine at Morimoto Las Vegas, French cuisine at Joel Robuchon and steaks at Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak. There is also the MGM Grand buffet if you’re interested in a king-sized dinner. You can also enjoy the private cabanas and the romantic dinner by the pool here.

#6. Caesars Palace

Featured widely in popular culture, Caesars Palace is a must-visit when one is in Las Vegas. Did you know that Gordon Ramsey’s grill & pub is located here? Who knows, you might even get to meet him! Caesars Palace is an iconic hotel that houses several honeymoon suites, spas and restaurants.

#7. The Stratosphere

It is a hotel, casino and a tower for the elegant couple out there looking for an adventurous night. The tallest free-standing observation tower has plenty of attractions such as taking a ride to the top of the skypod and taking a selfie from the observation decks. Surely it would be a picture to remember. Also, it has absolutely amazing fine dining experiences for your romantic evening. The Strat is a mixture of elegance and thrill.

#8. The high roller Ferris wheel

Located in the middle of the Strip, the massive Ferris wheel is a man-made marvel that needs to be experienced. Get in the 550ft Ferris wheel and grab a hug once you reach the top with the view of the entire city in front of you. You would be inside a glass-enclosed cabin and can take pictures freely once the ride starts. This is a unique experience for couples and a must-try on your honeymoon in Las Vegas.

#9. The little white wedding chapel

Featured in several famous TV shows and movies, the iconic wedding chapel has gotten several people, including celebs, married. Even though you are married already, you can stroll through just to take a glimpse of this beautiful chapel.

#10. Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay hotel and casino

Take an evening to visit the exciting shark reef inside the Mandalay Bay hotel. It is an interesting aquarium and a pleasant space to hang out before dinner.


Las Vegas is a romantic place with a pinch of an adrenaline rush, it caters to your wild side while still feeding the charm to your honeymoon! Pick Las Vegas if you’re looking for a spicy experience. For more personal travel blogs from Chennai, follow my blog and travel to your heart’s content!


FAQ – Honeymoon Destinations in Las Vegas

  • What are the best honeymoon resorts in Las Vegas?

The Venetian resort is one of the best that you can find in Las Vegas. This fice star place houses eighty restaurants in it. This is a must-visit place if you are planning to go to Las Vegas for your honeymoon.

  • Which honeymoon resorts in Las Vegas is with a private balcony?

If you are looking for some quiet and private time to spend with your partner then there are two best places that have private cabanas to give you just the right amount of space. Explore The Venetian and The MGM Grand Hotel and there will be no disappointment.

  • Which honeymoon resorts are close to McCarran Intl Airport?

The beauty of the place is all about massive resorts and hotels. The closest stay place near the International Airport are Four Seasons Hotel, Tropicana Las Vegas, Luxor Hotel & Casino are some of them you can try. 

  • Which honeymoon resorts in Las Vegas have rooms with great views?

The Eiffel Tower and The Bellagio Hotel & Casino are two best places to stay that has spectacular views. You will get to experience the entire city view that dazzles with colourful lights in the night.

  • Which honeymoon resorts in Las Vegas offer a swimming pool?

Of all other places, The Venetian and The MGM Grand Hotel have a great poolside dine-in space. You can also enjoy the fun of the waters if you are planning to stay here.

  • Do any honeymoon resorts in Las Vegas have a casino?

When it comes to Vegas, the one thing that attracts people is the casino that offers great time and opportunity to explore the Vegan life. The Bellagio Hotel, The Venetian, The Stratosphere, and the Shark Reef Hotel are some of the best restaurants with Casinos in it.

  • How much will a Las Vegas trip cost from India?

A trip to Vegas will definitely charge you a few lakhs but it is worth visiting the place. The travel expenses, however, will depend on the type of stay you are planning to have. 

  • What are the best things to do in Las Vegas?

One of the best things to do undoubtedly is to visit a Casino. It is the heart of Sin City. Other best things would be to go for helicopter rides around the grand canyon, visit Gordon Ramsy’s grill and pub in Caesar’s Palace, experience the high roller Ferris Wheel and see the astonishing aquarium at the Bay Hotel called The Shark Reef.

  • Which honeymoon resorts in Las Vegas offer a gym?

If you are a workout freak and cannot give it up even during your vacation then you must stay at The Venetian. It is one restaurant that provides spa and gym.


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