India’s First Luxury Cruise From Mumbai to Goa

Who doesn’t love a trip to Goa? This Indo-Portuguese destination is among one of the most popular vacation spots in India. And no doubt, a quick escape from real life for many neighboring city dwellers. Any which way you travel to Goa, the experience is one among the most memorable ones, Guaranteed! However, if you are traveling from Mumbai and want an all-luxury experience blended into your Goan holiday, look no further! The ultimate way to enjoy Mumbai to Goa sojourn in luxury is here. Angriya – India’s first luxury cruise ship covering the stretch of Mumbai to Goa paved a brand new way to experience a leisurely vacation on Indian waters. Here’s all you need to know about Angriya Cruise.

Angriya Cruise – India’s First Luxury Cruise From Mumbai to Goa

Angriya Cruise - Luxury Cruise from Mumbai to Goa
Angriya Cruise – Luxury Cruise from Mumbai to Goa

Angriya Cruise

Angriya is the first domestic luxury cruise in India that sets sails from Mumbai to Goa on the Arabian Sea along the Konkan coast. It gets named after the first Maratha Navy Admiral Kanhoji Angre and the great Angria bank coral reef near Vijaydurg in Maharashtra.  The cruise covers the journey in approximately 14 hours. However, you will wish that those 14 hours never come to an end as your time onboard the cruise will be occupied with some amazing sea sights and relaxing experiences. This journey will be the most luxurious and memorable way to travel to Goa. 

Why should one opt for a Mumbai to Goa cruise package on board this luxury ship?

First and foremost, it is the first of its kind, state-of-the-art water transport service between two states that offer a leisure experience way before you reach the final destination. When you step onboard the cruise, you will instantly feel a shift in perspective of being in a whole new ambiance that is entirely different from the real-life scenarios on dry land. Being the ‘first of its kind’ in India, Angriya has already stirred the expectation and excitement of keen travelers. It is a unique way to experience a Mumbai-Goa holiday.

This cruise is a complete experience in itself. The luxurious cabins and high-end amenities make the cruise a smooth and comfortable voyage.  The Angriya comes equipped with the following leisure services:


The spacious rooms with fantastic views will take your breath away. Passengers can choose a couple of rooms, family rooms, buddy rooms, or luxury pods as per their needs. Each genre of accommodation has been classified to suit the nature of the holiday experience and the number of persons traveling together. Each room is further categorized keeping in mind space and amenities. All the rooms are designed to provide maximum comfort to its esteemed guests onboard.

Amenities and Facilities

Angriya comes fully-loaded with a range of leisure facilities. The cruise has 3 restaurants offering lip-smacking cuisines that range from Konkani flavors to continental culinary delights. Clink your glasses and sip on your favorite drinks at on-deck bars and lounges where you can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of the coastal vistas or put on your party shoes and groove to some enchanting beats. The facilities and services onboard the ship shows how committed Angriya is to provide an outstanding luxury experience.  The wide-open deck offers some amazing viewpoints of the panoramas of sparkling waters and adjacent land that surrounds you. A soak in the Infinity Pool is a great way to unwind with a good dip while enjoying the beauty of the sea and sun setting on the horizon. Need some more relaxing? If a soak in a pool, gentle breezy evenings are not enough to recharge you, then head to the Dry Dock Spa where you can get pampered and feel rejuvenated with invigorating massages and wellness therapies.

The Crew and Staff

With dedicated staff on deck and the best of crew members, your sea-voyage is in good, capable hands. This unique cruise is commanded by veteran Indian Navy Merchant Captain – Capt. Nitin Dhond who was behind the vision of this magical sea vacation. The rest of the crew and staff understand that even small details make a big difference and ensure that guests onboard have a comfortable and memorable experience.

Eager voyagers, keep in mind these facts while you embark on your cruise:

– Luggage Allowance or your cruise vacation is 25 kgs for check-in baggage per person and 10 kgs for cabin baggage per person. Children below 12 years of age also get luggage allowance of 25 kgs per child.

– Do note that the luggage will be checked-in before you embark on the cruise and you will not be able to access it till the cruise docks and you are allowed to disembark. So, make sure you have all things that may come handy during your journey in your cabin bag. A few essentials to be carried would be swimsuits and swimming accessories such as swimming cap, swimming goggles, set of clothes to change such as evening wear, nightwear, sunscreen, hygiene products and medicines, a camera, charger, etc.

– The following items will not be allowed on board the cruise for the safety of fellow passengers and crew – Sharp weapons, ammunitions, flammable liquids and chemicals, self-defense gear, illegal drugs, electrical extension cords, and multi-pin plugs.

– Pets are not allowed on the cruise.

 – Infants under 6 months are not allowed on the cruise. If you are traveling with children, an adult must always accompany them wherever they go. Accompanying adults must also practice “reach out and touch policy”. It simply means that you should be always at a distance from where you can reach out and touch the child at all times.

Sail Time and Port of Embarkation: Angriya is scheduled to sail four times a week.

Mumbai departure time is at 4 pm from Victoria Docks 15, Purple Gate, Off Ferry Wharf. Angriya reaches the next day at Goa‘s Mormugao Cruise Terminal at Main Land Sada at 9 pm.

Angriya Cruise makes a unique way to combine fabulous history, culture, and luxury stay and this is what makes it an unforgettable and blissful Mumbai to Goa holiday experience.


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