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An Energetic Luxury couple Traveler and Blogger in Chennai, India

Luxury Couple Traveller in Chennai
Gulshan & Kirtika Bafna – Luxury Couple Traveller in Chennai, India

Gulshan Bafna, one among the luxury couple travellers from Chennai, India is a travel entrepreneur. Off his usual business table, he is a passionate and devoted luxury traveler in India who seeks to explore the world, adventures to discover unique places and immerse in unravelling world cultures, tradition, cuisines, people, nature and wildlife. He does his best in being one of the best travel entrepreneurs in India.

Posting interactive and fun narratives and documenting their most enjoyable experiences, Gulshan stands as one of the best travel bloggers in India and a travel entrepreneur. He is always on the go to quench his thirst to uncover something new and find intriguing places. One can feel like going on a trip as they read Gulshan’s blogs. As a fearless voyager, he throws light not only on the beautiful side of different places but also writes about the secret hash of hideaways and non-tourist places. Besides, he also has an interest in meeting new people – travelers and entrepreneurs to understand how they work. Interviewing them about what they do and how they have become a traveler is one of his favorite things to do. Being around new people fascinates him and this has always kept him alive and energetic while traveling. If it might interest you, you can go ahead and check his YouTube videos based on luxury travelers in India for the interviews. 


Gulshan & Kirtika Bafna - Luxury Couple Traveller in Chennai, India
Gulshan & Kirtika Bafna – Luxury Couple Traveller in Chennai, India

As a civil engineer graduate, he always had the spark to make travel, his passion to be one among the travel entrepreneurs in India. This made him see the world from a different perspective that he pens down in his blog, making him the best Indian travel blogger. He is also an ardent reader and has a fine interest for cricket, handball and badminton. Fitness is what he believes in, which makes his travel worthwhile and healthy. Finding the ‘Journey of Youth’, an NGO for underprivileged children is one of the fine things he has done. Besides, he was also a member of AIESEC, the world’s largest youth organization.

Despite travelling to a lot of beautiful places, Gulshan says he has much more to explore and discover as a luxury traveller in India and that he has hardly covered the surface of this planet in terms of finding enchanting places. He lives in Chennai with his family. Through his blog, he takes us all to a whole new journey of discovering endless and timeless charms of various places and the beauty hidden within. He compiles them to spread a word of positivity and to be a travel entrepreneur and inspire others taking up this path.

Although he does catch up with the unknown world as much as possible, Gulshan ruminates that he has hardly scratched the surface of where he wants to go and what he wants to do. He lives in Chennai with his wife and child and blogs at www.gulshanbafna.com

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