List of Best Sea View Restaurants in Chennai

Best Sea View Restaurants in Chennai

Imagine this, you have movie tickets booked at Mayajal, and you drive for it. You get late, so you don’t stop by to have something. The movie is done, and you are terribly hungry. What would you do? Obviously, you would search for a nice dine-in restaurant in or around that place. How nice would it be to have a beautiful dinner or lunch while you enjoy the beauty of the eastern coastline where the blue water shimmers in the glazing sun or the beautiful moonlight? 

Wouldn’t we all love it? Well, of course, yes! Such a setting is apt for both a date or family time. Beach restaurants in Chennai are worth visiting, and they make you feel so special. So here is what you all have been checking out on the internet tirelessly. This article gives you a consolidated list of all the best sea view restaurants in Chennai

So the next time you want to go to one, just open this and scroll through the list. Coming from the best travel blog in India, these are sure to blow your mind. Bet, these are worth a drive! SO let’s dive into the list of sea view restaurants in Chennai

Sea View Restaurants in Chennai

  • Sea crest, MGM
  • Kipling Cafe, Akkarai
  • Upper Deck – Vivanta, Taj
  • Bay View -Vivanta, Taj
  • The Wharf – Radisson Blu
  • The Beach Club
  • Mash
  • BOATS, Besant Nagar
  • Spectra, The Leela Palace, MRC Nagar
  • Barista, Besant Nagar


The best thing about Chennai is the beaches. They are all over. Besides taking an evening stroll along the beach sands or coming to the waterside once in a while with family, dining in a restaurant close to the beach is the next favorite thing to do. The list above has details as below to let you know better about those restaurants.


Sea Crest is located in one of the favorite theme parks in Chennai, Sea Crest is the in-house dine-in restaurant which is a part of the MGM resorts. What you can do is, if you are planning a family outing, pick this place where the kids enjoy the water rides and other fun activities while you enjoy watching them play. 

The evenings along the beachside are spectacular and especially the view from this restaurant. You can have a quiet food-time and get back to the city. This is a weekend getaway place. Live music and a good set-up for a romantic dinner is the speciality here. Do not forget to try their signature dish, the garlic noodles.

  • Place – East Coast Road
  • Cuisine – Indian, Chinese, Continental, Seafood
  • Cost for two – 1500


This place is located in a place that has a tranquil and silent ambiance. Evening dinners are the best to enjoy if you are planning to go to this restaurant. The mood lighting, subtle music, and the ambiance are all enough to charm anyone. 

The setting is natural, and they even have open-dine-in space. The top floor is for those who would like to enjoy their food with excellent sea-view. Since it is located super-close to the beach, you get to enjoy the subtle evening breeze. While you are there, do try their buffalo cauliflower which is worth the taste. Red wine here is also worth giving a try. The cherry on top, you can make the dishes vegan-friendly on request.

  • Place – East Coast Road, Akkarai
  • Cuisine – Indian, Continental, Seafood
  • Cost for two – 1500


Though it is a little longer drive from the city, Upper Deck is one of its kind with class and luxury oozing in every corner of the restaurant. This restaurant by Taj is constructed such that the hotel faces the sea and any corner you pick, you will be amazed to see the beautiful sea-view. 

This is the right place to arrange for a romantic candle-light dinner. Upper Deck by Taj is a treat to the eyes, and you should definitely not miss this place for a special occasion. The setting and the garden with a pool are the best highlights of this place. You also have gluten-free options.

  • Place – Kovalam
  • Cuisine – Continental, Burger, Italian, French
  • Cost for two – 3500


Bay View by Taj is another exotic luxury restaurant. The cove resort and spa is worth a long drive. The outdoor seating with a beach view is exceptional and exciting in the evenings. Cocktails, live music and the mood lighting are the specialties of this place. 

The restaurant facing the beach gives you one of the best dining experiences. The cool breeze from the beachside and the sound of the waves is worth the visit to that place. Also, they provide vegan-friendly options.

  • Place – Kovalam
  • Cuisine – South Indian, Seafood 
  • Cost for two – 3500


Mash is one of the oldest resto cafes in Chennai. It has a lovely sea-view, and the staff is excellent and friendly. Get served the best food and have a gala time with your friends. 

The evenings are prettier in the cafe with beautiful lighting and a charming ambience. You have an option to book a table in advance if you are planning for an event or to surprise someone. You also have an opportunity to dine on the rooftop where you get a better view of the beach and nature.

  • Place – Besant Nagar
  • Cuisine – Continental, Italian, Fast Food, Beverages
  • Cost for two – 800


This restaurant has a spectacular view of the beach from the dining space. Treat yourself here, on some excellent achievement. It has a romantic setting and is a very calm place. The restaurant has a quick staff service to keep people worry-free while they enjoy their food here. The beach club is one of its kind and is a must-visit for a casual outing with friends. 

  • Place – Neelankarai
  • Cuisine – Continental
  • Cost for two – 1200


Based On A True Story or shortly called as BOATS is a cafe, bar and a restaurant. What is thrilling about the place is the ambience. The interiors are funky and are very well thought of – You can find a wall painted with an octopus on comic books placed, glass bowls filled with pebbles and paper boats and creative graffiti all over. 

The smoking area of this place has a large glass that faces the beach. There is a bar that serves cocktails, and the place does have good food. You can often find some good entertainment programs or live-music on the weekends.

To save time, book a table in advance as you will see an unexpected crowd over the weekends.

  • Place – Besant Nagar
  • Cuisine – Continental, Chinese, North Indian
  • Cost for two – 1500


Want a long weekend drive? This is a place to be. The wharf is a little longer than other sea-view restaurants in Chennai but offers a spectacular view and ambience. The restaurant is by Radisson Blu, Temple Bay. 

They have a great setting that is on the sea-side. You can enjoy the subtle natural breeze in the evenings while hogging on tasty food. Though it is a luxury restaurant, they make you feel worth your visit. They have friendly staff and charming decors. 

  • Place – Mahabalipuram
  • Cuisine – Mediterranean, Italian, North Indian, Seafood
  • Cost for two – 3000


Barista is a known cafe that serves the best cappuccinos and coffee. This cafe is not just known for coffee but also for its all-time favorite quick-bites. Hog on the yummy french-fries and burgers. You also get sandwiches and some great hot chocolate. 

Breakfast is available, and you get lovely desserts and bakes. This cafe, when compared to others, is super budget-friendly. If you manage to find a table facing the beach, it is best that you can have for the day. Table reservation is highly recommended. 

  • Place – Besant Nagar
  • Cuisine – Beverages, Bakes, Desserts
  • Cost for two – 500


This luxury restaurant is a part of the Leela Palace. It has the most amusing sea-views that will blow your mind and sweep you off your feet. Knowing the origin of the restaurant, there is by far no need to mention the interiors at all for, it is classy and the best. 

You can find class and charm in every corner and in every interior decor of this place. Reserve a table next to the big glasses facing the beach, and you will be sure of having one of the best times. There is to be a special mention about the staff and the services. Friendly and prompt are the two words that can describe this place and the staff. There is a full bar available if that will interest you.

  • Place – MRC Nagar
  • Cuisine – Asian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Continental, Italian, North Indian
  • Cost for two – 2500

These are some of the best sea-view restaurants in Chennai. You can always count on beachside view restaurants in Chennai as they make your dining experience better and beautiful. Visit them all to find out what is best in those places. Let me know what’s your favorite!


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