Sunday Morning Drive to ECR, Chennai

Sunday Morning Drive to ECR, Chennai

Built along the coast of the Bay of Bengal, with the mirror-smooth roads of the East Coast Road (ECR), would make you seep through a seamless day. Start of an Early Sunday with a breakfast at a Ratna café, zooming through a road of beaches on your sides, you will be stunned and sure to utter a content shout of, “yay, what more can I ask for?”

The best drive for all sorts of explorers, whether, you are a team of pilgrims, beach wanderers, adventurers, bikers, appetite filler, peace lovers, name it and you have it in the stretch of your ECR flick.

Bet? In the stretch of your drive, you would disguise into a soul of the European countryside. The clean roads and the serene beauty with flavoring weather, it’s the best morning drive to flush out your weekday stress. Oh yes, I can term it a Stress Buster drive.

You can take diversions from the ECR to various famous destinations, if you have an idea of extending your drive, here you go!!!

Presenting you the Covelong beach, if you’re tired of the soiled, unclean beaches in the city this is just half an hour drive from the stunning ECR. Adding an artistic and aesthetic aroma to your drive is the Cholamandalam artist’s village, right away a small crossroad. Now to compile the locations you could consider of are Dakshinchitra, Muttukadu Boathouse, Mahabalipuram, Auroville and so on, these are trips if you have a stay time.

Sunday Morning Drive to ECR, Chennai

Voici! A maneuver gut, this is a road to showcase your desires of tossing up and out to the sky. The four lanes of the ECR, for obvious reasons, are by choice the best for its unique, blending essence and transparent nature.

Tummy fillers of its kind like the Kipling Café, Food Village, Cupcake castle, Kumbakonam coffee, Bay view, and the list is never-ending and yea there are the hog spots fitting all your budgets, so don’t you worry.

Getaway spot with a rush of doing a great weekend, ECR can make it happen. With the bulk of relaxation you get over the day, you can dash into a tug of any stressful week ahead, of course, you have the ECR to “Feel at SPA” and nobody gives a note of illness about this piece of stretch.

All on nature’s creation are distinctive and extraordinary in their own ways. Likewise, the notable aspect of this road is it pulls you in like a treadmill belt and never lets you leave unhappy. You breathe sanity, you see queer colors, life totally drifted from the routine and driving away from the road with your hand wide away and the breeze pushing you away against your chest, close your eyes and sense it, goose-bumped already!

YOLO! You Only Live Once! Your dark chocolate is here. You a Chennai Folk or a visitor don’t afford to miss your bite.


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