15 Fun Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit in the world. There are so many wonders on this planet, and New Zealand is one of those that will make you awestruck for the beauty it has and the hidden magic the country holds. The islands, national parks, and wildlife sceneries are worth the watch, and they also have the best tourist spots in the world. Oamaru is the largest town in North Otago in the southern islands of New Zealand. Being one of the safest countries in the world, New Zealand has exceptional scenic beauties that will blow your mind. Oamaru, of all those other astonishing places in New Zealand, is one of its kind. It has the country’s oldest public gardens and is rich in Victorian architecture.  I prefer putting down all these beautiful places in my personal travel blogs so people can read and know before they travel to this place.

Here are 15 fun things to do when you visit Oamaru

1. Be a part of Victorian Heritage Celebrations

Victorian Heritage Celebrations - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

The Victorian Heritage Celebrations happen once a year, November every year. During this day, locals gather and party. They witness traditional dances and historical talks. You could visit around this time of the year to make the best of it. It is one of the best places to visit and be in Oamaru.

2. Whitestone City

Whitestone City - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

Whitestone city is where you will have to be when you are visiting Oamaru. It is New Zealand’s central heritage hub where you can learn and know all about the country’s history. It was initially set in 1882. The best part is that you could go get dressed up like Victorian men and women and play traditional games. Touch, feel and explore a lot of other things that you might never get to experience ever about the Victorian era.

3. Steampunk HQ

Steampunk HQ - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

It is an 1883 stone building located at Oamaru’s Victorian Precinct. It features sculptures, art, retro-futuristic sci-fi art and movies. You could visit here to find out the coolest things that you could see to understand more of the city’s historical period. You can find artistic junk and a lot of old machinery. This museum holds things that you cannot imagine, but then that is the beauty of the place.

4. Oamaru Harbour

Oamaru Harbour - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

This place offers a great playspace and good sidelines to walk or take a stroll along the waterside. The fun part is enjoying the cool breeze. Grab some snacks or coffee and enjoy spectacular views from various spots. Boats, yachts, and jetties are worth watching along with some friendly seals that pay occasional visits to the harbourside. 

5. Tickle your tastebuds

recipe in ommaru - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

Every street at Oamaru has mouth-watering delicacies that you can enjoy. Food and drinks that are great in taste can be found in restaurants like Riverstone Kitchen. Do a little research on authentic food if you would want to taste them. You can also pay a visit to NZ Whiskey Collection Cellar. 

6. Oamaru Blue Penguin colony

Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony

Who would want to say no to the ‘happy feet’!? The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony is a natural habitat for the tiny penguins that you can ever see. The tour helps you see the penguins’ nests and learn more about them. It’s so pleasant to watch as they come back in waddles from a fresh catch at sea. The sunset adds a spark to this view. It is ranked as one of the most deserving Oamaru tourist attractions.

7. Walking and biking

Walking and biking - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

The beauty of Oamaru is the scenery itself. Every other street has Victorian architecture, and every other corner has a lovely scenic view that will make you feel like paradise on Earth. The sea view is also a great option to go cycling. It is so much more fun biking uphill and downhill on the roads. Walking, cycling and biking are some of the worthy things to do in Oamaru.

8. Public gardens

Public gardens - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

Oamaru is loaded with many public parks and gardens that have lush green plants and colorful flowers. Every garden is unique and attractive. Grab a picnic basket and sit in the gardens to watch the birds chirp and meet new people. Parks are the best places to socialize and understand more about the country’s culture for many people come here throughout the day. Visiting public gardens is one of the many things that you can do while in Oamaru.

9. Cape Wanbrow

Cape Wanbrow - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

Cape Wanbrow leads you to the spectacular Lookout Point. You can get a splendid glimpse of the vast Pacific Ocean Sunrise and sunset like never before can be seen from this point. This place overlooks the harbor. The government has recently taken an initiative to replant various types of trees that have been lost over a while. You bet there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a lush green landscape.

10. Oamaru Reservoir

Oamaru lake - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

This place is filled with trees and has a cycling track that lets tourists walk, cycle or bike through narrow lanes amongst the trees. Taking a walk along the side of the reservoir is something that you can do for rejuvenation. The mountains and landscapes are worth visiting.

11. Trains

Trains in Pmaru - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

Another fun thing to do in Oamaru is to board a train and travel to a nearby place. Train journeys have much more to show you than usual road trips. Hop on to a steam train to get one of the best experiences. Trains are one of the many fun things in Oamaru NZ.

12. Bushy Beach

Bushy Beach - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

Of all things perfect, the bushy beach is one among them. It is an ideal place for clicking pictures. Lying down along the beachside to listen to the waves and the birds’ chirp is one of the coolest things to do when you are in Oamaru. The bushy beach has a coastal forest. There is a viewing hide from there you can spot yellow-eyed penguins. 

13. Waitaki Valley

Waitaki Valley - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

This place is for people who love hiking. Spot fascinating boulders, windswept coastline, and plains and towering mountains. Aoraki Mount Cook is one of the must-visit places.

14. Shopping and extras

Lazy Cat Pottery - Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

Shop at the local markets to get the best handcrafted products. The textile exchange market and rainbow confectionery are places you must visit. Check out the Lazy Cat Pottery and Tileowrkd for some of the best handcrafted pieces that you can take on your way back home.

15. The Add-Ons


Caroline Bay Beach, Clay Cliff and Katiki Point Lighthouse are other places that you can visit and explore. There are vast valleys and forest areas around these places that you can check out for some real adventure.

There are so many other places to visit in Oamaru. Of all other things, you can always hop around the streets and visit galleries and shops, buy quirky stuff and some excellent souvenirs. The handcrafts and the typical Victorian styled streets are very captivating. The localities are extremely friendly and are always on board to help you. New Zealand is one of its kind, and it is a ‘must visit’ place. Read more in various best Indian travel blogs to get the best ideas before you travel to Omaru.


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