10 Things To Do Near Zuri White Sands South Goa

Zuri South Goa


Imagine a colorful fusion of lively flea markets, historic churches, scenic beaches, palm palms, and fresh seafood! Yes, you are correct; that is Goa. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure or a tranquil excursion, Goa’s beaches have something special to offer visitors. Pack your bags and make travel arrangements now for a great trip to South Goa! Here are the things you can do and places you can visit near Zuri White Sands South Goa:

10. Varca Beach 

Take a morning stroll or jog along the Varca beach while seeing the sunrise over the azure waves. Takeaway breakfast in hand, enjoy eating it on the sand as the sun warms you in the morning. Enjoy the sweeping vistas while listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the sandy shore. Visit the seaside shacks serving the fresh fish of the day for a wonderful sample of Goan cuisine. The beach is about 20 minutes away from Zuri White Sands South Goa if you want to walk.

9. Dona Paula Flea Market 

Some of the most well-known flea markets are scattered around Panaji, making them ideal for shopping and discovering regional art and handicrafts. Dona Paula Market is the best option if you wish to enjoy the delight of shopping in a genuine Goan market. On Fridays, you may visit this market and find anything you want, including clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts, and trinkets, 

as well as fruits, nuts, spices, and vegetables.

8. Sandalwood Ayurveda 

The expansion of youthfulness and beauty, harmony, and joy produced ideal conditions to restore your mental and physical strength. A unique experience about 6 kilometers away from Zuri South Goa, the combination of ayurvedic treatments with the highest standards of excellence will provide a wide range of therapies to care for the face and body, healing, and rejuvenation. Magnificent rituals and various personal programs will help you relieve exhaustion and fatigue, get a charge of vigor and energy, and restore harmony in body, spirit, and mind.

7. Bogmalo Beach 

Dive training for beginners and experts is available at this beach to satisfy your adventurous soul. Enjoy the sunset while strolling along the sandy shoreline that looks over a little fishing community. Scuba diving and snorkeling in the Arabian Sea is the finest way to discover the diverse underwater marine life and coral reefs.

6. The Fisherman’s Wharf 

If you enjoy seafood, get a table for dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf, a pleasant riverside restaurant that offers Goan seafood and live entertainment. By calling the restaurant in advance, you can reserve the river-view tables. Order some calamari and glasses of Chardonnay for a delicious starter. Enjoy specialties like fish tikka, sautéed sea bass, fish & chips, prawn Thai green curry, and more by asking your server for the fresh catch of the day.

5. Agonda Beach 

Agonda beach is the place to go if you want a less busy beach for solitary early morning walks. Shacks, bungalows, and swaying palm trees dot the pristine Agonda beach’s shoreline. Many marine biologists and conservationists visit this beach since it is designated as a turtle breeding location. Read a novel while unwinding and tanning on the beach after your morning run.

4. Butterfly Beach 

An undiscovered gem in South Goa, Butterfly Beach will enchant you with its pristine natural beauty and sparkling coastline. View the zillions of butterflies soaring over the mountaintop by

exploring the semicircular bay. Set off on a rented canoe from Butterfly Beach to enjoy some peace and quiet. Take some Instagram-worthy pictures of the imposing cliffs, azure ocean, and unspoiled shoreline. To experience amazing views of the area, pack your luggage and go trekking on the adjacent cliffs.

3. Martin’s Corner 

After participating in some beachside adventure activities, make your way to Martin’s Corner for a delectable lunch. Enjoy delicious seafood dishes served in a lively outdoor pavilion with a stocked bar. Experience unparalleled service and mouthwatering fare that will make your dining experience unforgettable! Fish Fingers, Beef Assad, Beef Stroganoff, Calamari Masala Fry, Fish Tikka, Mackerel Recheado, Fish Curry, and Fish Steak are some dishes that are suggested for ordering. Don’t forget to end your dinner with Bebinca along with a cup of freshly prepared Cappuccino to make it sweet.

2. Mike’s Place, Mobor Beach 

Head on over to Mike’s Place for breakfast if you want a delicious start to a special day. Order the traditional English breakfast, which includes toast with fried eggs, bacon, mushrooms, and sausages, as well as fresh orange juice. With some baked goods, sip on a nice cup of freshly prepared espresso.

1. Colva Beach 

You will be enchanted to explore the Colva beach whether you wish to relax on the beach, engage in water sports, or walk barefoot in the sand. Explore the historical ancient sites from the Portuguese colonial era while bringing some wholesome snacks and drinks. Attend a religious service at the Colva Church close to the seashore to experience peace and pleasure. Exploring adventure water activities like jet skiing, speed boating, and parasailing along Colva Beach’s 25 km of pristine coastline will give you a surge of adrenaline. 


As you start your South Goa vacation and go around places near Zuri White Sands South Goa, you’ll learn there are lots of wonderful sites to see. Plan your journey, pack your luggage, and then have a relaxing, enjoyable, and adventurous trip to Goa.


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