Top 5 Ceremonies on Independence Day

No matter how much we blame our country for corruption, illiteracy or poverty, 15th August is one such day you can’t resist pride for our nation. The sheer efforts and sacrifice that went in to gain independence must make every Indian feel proud of this day. We are fortunate enough to be born in a post-independence era and each year passing by is only teaching us how to be better. As we step into the 69th year of Independence it becomes our duty to pay homage to our great leaders/freedom fighters who fought hard to achieve this day.

There are different ways people celebrate Indian freedom day, children may dress up as their favorite freedom fighters, students may paint their faces with colors of our national flag and some may just sit back feeling good about 15th August. This day keeps the spirit of nationalism alive in me and strengthens the hope of seeing a “Super-Power India” beyond social, economic, religious and political barriers. Well, there are various ceremonies happening around the country as a part of celebrating Independence Day, here is top 5 of them!

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Red Fort Ceremony

Red Fort is a monumental place associated with freedom struggle and is the most powerful symbol for India. On the 69th Independence Day event held at Red Fort is top on the list, when our beloved Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi will hoist the National Flag on ramparts and share past year’s achievements, issues and calls for development in form of speech followed by our National Anthem. It is further impressive to see 21 Gunshot fired to pay tribute to leaders involved in the freedom struggle. The ceremony starts at 7.00 Am and will be telecasted nationwide. This ceremony is spectacular when the strength of the army, navy and air forces unite together passes are available on the official site. –

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Parades and Pageants

15th August Parade is the most awaited event nationwide, which starts after the speech of Prime Minister. You will only feel proud seeing Indian Army and paramilitary forces performing a flawless march-past parade for the nation. People then indulge in kite flying completion to keep the spirit of independence alive in the younger generation. It takes great effort and time to make the parade of 15th August beautiful and illuminated, which is not something you can afford to miss.


Flag Hoisting State-wise

Chief Minister of each state will perform flag hoisting to start the ceremony followed speech, national anthem, and 21 gunshots as a tribute. Flag hoisting ceremonies are conducted in almost all schools, colleges and societies and people take part with great enthusiasm. Sarojini Naidu once said, “Under this flag, there is no difference between a prince and a peasant, between the rich and the poor, between man and women.” So true is that!

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Cultural Programs Nationwide

Every citizen enjoys cultural programs on this day when we see various performances by participants. Fancy dress competitions on freedom fighter theme are most common do students enact school along with various skits and dramas. Patriotic songs are sung for great hero’s and march-past organized all display a sense of patriotism. All age people love to wear and wave our tricolor flag throughout the day to feel independence truly.

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Address to Nation by President

On 15th August, our president Mr. Pranab Mukherjee will deliver a speech on the eve known as “Address to Nation”. He will share his gratitude to a citizen of India and start with paying tribute to great freedom fighters. The address will be broadcast from 1900 hrs. On the national network of All India Radio (AIR) and telecast over all channels of Doordarshan in English followed by Hindi versions –

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Independence Day in India is joyful in nature that somehow manages to unities all and teaches the true meaning of freedom. Just sharing this makes me so proud that I belong to the country of braves and in fact the only country that won freedom via non-violence predominantly. Vande Martarm – Jai Hind!

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