Top 15 Adventure Water Sports in And Around Chennai You Must Experience Once

Top Adventurous water Sports in Chennai
Top Adventurous water Sports in Chennai

As a sports enthusiast with a particular love for the water, I think I’m greatly attracted to almost all adventure water sports. It gives me a deep sense of relaxation when moving through the waters and enjoying the sound of the waves. Water sports are extremely enthralling, fun-filled, and action-packed which leaves a mark in your memory.

However, finding adventure water sports in Chennai can be a task, so here I have compiled a list of top 15 Adventure water Sports in and around Chennai you must try once. This can be your perfect opportunity to experience bliss and enjoy nature at its best.

Top 15 Adventure water Sports in Chennai

1. Surfing

Surfing - water sports in chennai
Surfing – Water Sports in Chennai

Surfing is an adventure sport of riding across waves in an upright position. You can try Surfing in Chennai at Bay of Life near Fisherman’s Cove. The ocean in this area has beginner-friendly beaches that are effective, especially for newcomers. They train you about all you need to know about surfing.

2. Scuba diving

Scuba diving - water sports in chennai
Scuba diving – Water Sports in Chennai

Chennai has a long coastline and many options where scuba diving is available for sea-lovers. For those that love water adventure sports, scuba diving is a must. It has clean waters and is serene. One of the beaches that are considered a great destination for Scuba diving is Covelong Beach.

3. Parasailing

Parasailing - water sports in chennai
Parasailing – Water Sports in Chennai

How To Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) – Beginners Guide

The Kovalam beaches offer awesome parasailing options. It is where you are attached to a parachute and are taken on a trip over the ocean by a high-speed boat. This is certainly for those that love the ocean and love heights. Parasailing can give you the best view of the Chennai beaches.

4. Kayaking

Kayaking - water sports in chennai
Kayaking – Water Sports in Chennai

A double paddle, feet stretched out, enjoying paddling your way through the waters, then Kovalam is one place that you can do that. It is a place that can offer a host of water sports near Chennai. It is slower and more serene than most other water sports but certainly worth the while.

5. Canoeing

Canoeing - Water Sports in Chennai
Canoeing – Water Sports in Chennai

Yes, another slow yet interesting water adventure is Canoeing. Take your time to travel through and enjoy the experience. Paddle your way through your life with folded knees and just the waters ahead of you. If you enjoy the water and like to spend some time interacting with it, canoeing is certainly for you.

6. Boating

Boating - Water Sports in Chennai
Boating – Water Sports in Chennai

Muttukadu is on the East Coast Road (ECR) that provides multiple kinds of boating options. If you like the speed, take a speed boat trip or go slow in this beautiful lake with a regular boat. The much-required break in these backwaters is a must-have. It is beautiful and has great views to experience.

7. Banana Ride

Banana Ride - water sports in chennai
Banana Ride – Water Sports in Chennai

If you want a sudden shocking dip in the ocean then Banana Ride is one of those things. As the name suggests you are taken to the middle of the ocean at high speeds on a boat that is shaped like a banana and before you know it is toppled over into the ocean. Surely some experts rescue you after.

8. Catamaran ride

Catamaran ride - Water Sports in Chennai
Catamaran ride – Water Sports in Chennai

Catamaran ride is one of the best water sports in Chennai you can try on the ECR. It has two hulls instead of one and is rowed with a bamboo paddle by an expert. Enjoy the wonderful sea while strapped up and safe with life jackets.

9. Rowing

Rowing - water sports in chennai
Rowing – Water sports in Chennai

The Adyar River is one of the long rivers stretches in Chennai that has the option to go rowing in. The Madras Boat Club is one of the more famous ones. It is a place that teaches people the right technique to row and makes for a great form of exercise as you enjoy the water.

10. Sailing

sailing - water sports in chennai
– Water Sports in Chennai

Armed with life jackets and an expert sailor, you can glimpse yourself sailing on the Chennai oceans. Get a sail yacht experience and get it in the comfort of a sailboat. The route is determined by the Chennai Port Trust. However, there are many ‘mountain people’ that become ‘ocean people’ after this experience.

11. Raging River

Raging River - Water Sports in Chennai
Raging River – Water Sports in Chennai

If you are one of those that love theme park adventures, Kishkinta theme park is your destination. The rider gets a life jacket and circular tube to come down 50 feet into a big splash of 13000 liters of water. A splash happens every 8 seconds. Family and friends can enjoy this ride alike.

12. Paramotoring

Paramotoring - water sports in chennai
Paramotoring – Water Sports in Chennai

If you like the ocean, like heights but do not want to be in the ocean, you must head over to Palavakkam. Get an experience of enjoying the ocean with all the safety precautions taken care of. Great for a weekend getaway as you travel throughout the beautiful East Coast Road.

13. Paragliding

Paragliding - water sports in chennai
Paragliding – Water Sports in Chennai

Again not necessarily a water sport, but certainly an adventure to see the water and enjoy its beauty. Head to Palavakkam to get the beautiful view of the Bay of Bengal at a safe height, and with all the safety required. You have the luxury of paragliding to have the best view of the ocean and land.

14. Float slide

Float slide - water sports in chennai
Float slide – Water Sports in Chennai

If you like the slides and like water, head to the VGP Aqua Kingdom to come down fast down a slide and land right into the water. Their tornado rides are also interesting. It is a perfect day’s getaway with friends or family, especially because it is kids friendly.

15. Water Roller Coaster Ride

Water Roller Coaster Ride - water sports in chennai
Water Roller Coaster Ride – Water Sports in Chennai

If you like roller coasters and love water then do not miss MGM Dizzee world’s water roller coaster ride. It is a place you can spend an entire day with family and friends. It is one of the most popular water sports in Chennai, and a place you must experience once at least in your lifetime.

These are just some of my favorite water sports in Chennai that one can try. Whichever you may choose to try, I assure you will not have a dull moment. If you have not tried any water sports in Chennai and are looking outside, it’s time to explore our own.

Let us know your experience with adventure water sports in Chennai in the comment section below!


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