10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Thailand

places to visit in thailand If you have been bitten by the travel bug, then you certainly will be thinking about which the next destination to explore is. Given that there are close to 200 countries in the world, let’s make it a little easier and tell you Thailand is the way to go. Apart from the fact that we have easy access to it, Thailand also has something for everyone. Some people might assume that Thailand is a great place for a good massage, but that’s not what it is all about. This land of the smiles has a lot more to offer. So, here is why you should visit Thailand at least once in your lifetime!  

Top 10 reasons to visit Thailand

10. Food

Reasons to visit Thailand - food in thailand

There is no doubt that Thai food is very popular across the world. But to eat Thai food in Thailand is an experience in itself. The street food is a must-try. The street vendors whip up some of the best tasting Thai food you will ever taste in your life. The flavors and the options are unmatched to most streets in the world. The streets are full of fragrances and the use of the spices is sure to help your taste buds come to life.

9. Adventures

Reasons to visit Thailand - Adventures in thailand

If you are looking to go on an adventure trip, Thailand is certainly a place that offers it to people. Having almost perfect weather all through the year and a range of landscapes and terrains, Thailand offers great opportunities for the adventurous. You can go skydiving, mountain biking, waterfall abseiling, snorkeling, zip-lining, jungle trekking, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, and more. All of these are adventures in their own way.  

8. Picture perfect beaches

Reasons to visit Thailand - beaches

The beaches are picture-perfect and there are many of those in Thailand that make for the perfect postcard. The place has islands that help you do island hopping if you do not want to be stuck in one place and want to experience it all. They always have bars on the shore that let you sit down and relax by the seaside. Grab your favorite drink while you soak in the view that you are exposed to. This could be the most serene space you have experienced and is available all year long.

7. Festivals

Reasons to visit Thailand - Festivals in thailand

The festivals in Thailand are all about fun and frolic. The exposure to the festivals will give you a sense of how exciting they are as people. The colors, the art, and dance, the food, the traditions all give you a sense of how seriously they take their festivals. Most people that visit Thailand often plan their vacation around their festivals to be part of the awesomeness they offer. Major festivals of Thailand include Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Songkran, Ghost Festival, Rocket Festival, and Wonderful Music and Art Festival.

6. Culture

Reasons to visit Thailand - Culture

Thai people take pride in their culture, and for good reason. Anyone that has been in or visited Thailand will vouch for the amount of respect they have for their culture. This is visible in their food, in their people and the more you explore the more you will see in Thailand. Their history is really important to them. Though modernization is taking over their cities, they value their culture. They value it and are happy to share their history and culture with anyone that takes the time to listen. 

5. The people

Reasons to visit Thailand - people in thailand

Despite everything else, one of the best things about Thailand is its people. The way they greet you, the kindness they show all of that is priceless and irreplaceable. Even how they greet you is with respect. They bow slightly with hands together. They call is Wai. That has to be one of the most endearing ways to greet someone and will be in your mind. The people are happy to see you and are happy to help. They believe in treating people in their lives with respect.

4. Travel Options

Reasons to visit Thailand - Travel options in thailand

One of the best things about travel options in Thailand is that they do not care about what your wallet holds. You have the money, get the best luxury experience money can buy. If you are on a budget there are enough and cheaper options that will help you experience the beauty of Thailand. It truly has something for everyone. Despite what kind of travel you want to do they have options to let you travel based on your budget and help you enjoy the experience.

3. Shopping

Reasons to visit Thailand - Shopping in thailand

If you want to shop, Thailand is the place to be. Not only are the shop vendors kind and patient with you, even the street melas, as it were, are interesting and have very cool things at affordable prices. The streets, especially, when they celebrate festivals you will find bustling with people. Whether it is markets designed for localities or those for tourists, they are an experience to have if you like walking through local and full-fledged stores.

2. WildLife

Reasons to visit Thailand - WildLife in thailand

If you love your animals, Thailand does not disappoint. Do you like bats? Wester Thailand is the home to Kitti’s hog-nosed bat. This is considered the smallest mammal with a weight of 2 grams. Do you like your elephants? Thailand lets you volunteer for serving and getting up close and personal with them too. Want to meet with the underwater world. Thailand can help. Gibbons? They have them too. Thailand is great even with wildlife and has a variety of options based on what you want to see including birds.

1. Bangkok

Reasons to visit Thailand - Bangkok

Though an integral part of Thailand, Bangkok it’s capital city requires a special mention. Most people that want to visit Thailand, typically, use Bangkok as the entry point. One of the coolest things about Bangkok is certainly the place where the old meets the new. Amidst the hustle-bustle, you will see the culture. You can experience the nightlife and fun. You will see the locals working with a lot of ex-pat workers etc. Bangkok is busy, it is bright, it is international, and it loves its life.

These are just 10 reasons to visit Thailand, but if you were to ask what are the 10 reasons not to go to Thailand, that would be a tougher list to write up. Thailand is a place that you go once and know this is a place you would always want to go back to. Additionally, Thailand will be a place you will encourage others to visit once you have been there.

The history, culture, food, people and more are somethings that will always haunt you. You might even be haunted by it, and can invariably compare it with the rest of the world travel you make.

If you want to reduce risks and maximizing your chances of smooth entry into travel to Thailand, then you should approach some online Thailand Pass assistance team.

That is the beauty of Thailand, once you go there it tends to travel with you everywhere you go. So, if you can make the trip. It is a place that does not care for the money in your wallet. It is a place that just wants to showcase itself and help you have a good time.

FAQs – Top Reasons to Visit Thailand!

1) Why is Thailand so popular?

– Thailand is a country that truly captures the scenic beauty of Southeast Asia. Thanks to the vibrant culture, you’ll never run out of reasons to visit Thailand!

2) What are some interesting facts about Thailand?

– Thailand has its own unique calendar called the Thai solar calendar, which is way ahead of ours. They also have their own autorickshaw versions known as tuk-tuks, which you can add to your reasons to visit Thailand!

3) Which is the best time to visit Thailand?

– The best time to visit Thailand is from January to March, just before the monsoon. The pleasant weather at that time makes for a great reason to visit Thailand.

4) What should I avoid when visiting Thailand?

– When in Thailand, avoid roaming in deserted areas past nighttime to stay safe. If you want to avoid bad weather, also avoid traveling to Thailand in the monsoon season.

5) What kind of massage is most famous in Bangkok?

– The Thai massage parlors in Bangkok offer authentic full-body massages that are truly blissful. For most tourists, this is among the main reasons to visit Thailand and Bangkok.

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