20 Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

Top 20 travel bloggers in Chennai

As a travel blogger in Chennai myself, there are many travel blogs that I admire for their sense of adventure and creativity. Some of them even inspired me to decide on my next destination. Then, there are travel bloggers in Chennai that have given up on their 9-5 jobs to follow their passion for travel. So, if you think following travel dreams are difficult, check out these top Chennai bloggers. They have travelled across the country and the world and chronicled everything to inspire you.

Note: This list of Best travel bloggers in Chennai is in no particular order, and does not represent any ranking of travel bloggers in Chennai. 

20 Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

1. Gulshan Bafna & Kirtika Bafna 

Gulshan Bafna & Kirtika Bafna - Travel Bloggers in Chennai
Gulshan Bafna & Kirtika Bafna – Top Travel Bloggers in Chennai

Gulshan Bafna travels with his wife around the world. As a couple travelers in Chennai, they travel the world to get a sense of culture from different places. He looks and writes about tradition, nature, people, food, and more. His entire life is dedicated to exploring different things and different places.


2. Madhu Shetty

Madhu Shetty- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Madhu Shetty- Top Travel Blogger in Chennai

A travel blogger from Chennai, Given she was an interior designer, there is no doubt that she has over the years thought to have caught up to the idea of travel. Egypt, Istanbul, and Kashmir are some of her favorite destinations. She loves to travel solo or with her family.


3. Preethika and Narayan

Preethika and Narayan- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Preethika and Narayan- Top Travel Bloggers in Chennai

Travelers from their DNA, this duo is completely convinced that travel is the way to go and be together. They have travelled to different parts of Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. With visiting places both India and abroad, their blogs are filled with their experiences.


4. Roshan

Roshan- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Roshan- Top Travel Bloggers in Chennai

Roshan is an avid traveller and is a complete foodie. His blog Weirdly Rosh is a place to go for travel and lifestyle information. In his 20’s he tends to explore different places across the world including places like Srilanka, Mirissa, Mysore and more. He explores and tells it as it is.


5. Bhushavani Natarajan

Bhushavani Natarajan - Travel Bloggers in Chennai
Bhushavani Natarajan – Top Travel Bloggers in Chennai

A fashion and textile designer, Bhushavani has traveled from a solo traveler too, now, also a family traveler. She has an interest in Heritage and Nature travel. She is an international traveler who has traveled across Italy, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, and more.


6. Omar Muhajid

Omar Muhajid- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Omar Muhajid- Top Travel Bloggers in Chennai

Omar Muhajid is one of the passionate travel bloggers in Chennai. He is a travel influencer and covers many places. Omar is a traveler amongst other things and keeps them engaged with travel and fashion information. He is also an influencer on Instagram.


7. Ram and Reshma

Ram and Reshma- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Ram and Reshma- Travel Bloggers in Chennai

As their tag line says “Road Less Travelled”, Ram and Reshma like to go to places that are hardly explored or less explored. Be it Meghalaya, the ruins of Basgo, they go where people tend to not know. They are keen observers of the universe around them and post pictures as they view the world.


8. Shrinidhi Hande

Shrinidhi Hande- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Shrinidhi Hande- Top Travel Bloggers in Chennai

An award-winning blogger from Chennai, he certainly has travelled the world and has loved it. He takes pride in his travels and is an IT professional. Featured in different magazines and newspapers, he is one of a kind. He has travelled to places like Srilanka, Chile, Thailand, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and more.


9. Karthik Murali

Karthik Murali - Travel Bloggers in Chennai
Karthik Murali – Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

Karthik Murali is a Chennai based travel Blogger that has a list of international travel under his belt. Turkey, Istanbul, Austria, Switzerland, Bangkok, and more. You name it he has been there. The great thing is that he also has tricks and tips he gives to people on how to get the maximum of travelling.


10. Mayuri Nidigallu

Mayuri Nidigallu- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Mayuri Nidigallu- Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

Mayuri Nidigallu amongst other things is a blogger on travel. She provides interesting tips on how to travel. On her blog, she has shared her experience of travelling to Munnar, Delhi, and more. She also provides tips on where to travel in certain climatic conditions and the best ways to travel.


11. Karthik Kannan

Karthik Kannan - Travel Bloggers in Chennai
Karthik Kannan – Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

A traveller who is a son-father duo has to also be called out for the photos he takes. Clearly, he knows that and hence has his own postcard tab. He is an IndiBlogger Award Winner for ‘Environmental Photography’ for 2017 for a campaign.


12. Harini Jayaraman

Harini Jayaraman - Travel Bloggers in Chennai
Harini Jayaraman – Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

A travel enthusiast and someone with a funny bone, Harini Jayaraman narrates stories of many travels throughout her life. She is not afraid to be a solo traveller and is happy to travel the world on her own. Some of the places she writes about include Kuala Lumpur, Mount Rigi and Lucerne, and more.


13. Jyothi Vel Murthi

Jyothi Vel Murthi - Travel Bloggers in Chennai
Jyothi Vel Murthi -Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

A passionate travel blogger in Chennai, Jyothi Vel Murthi travels the country enthusiastically. He provides information on different locations to travel to and also writes about the significance of the different sites. As a traveller, he has covered different states in India and has written about Sri Lanka.


14. Jeevan

Jeevan - Travel Bloggers in Chennai
Jeevan – Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

Jeevan is a nature lover and a keen observer of the world around him. He believes that life begins when travelling and learns from the experiences he has. He tends to often cover places like nature and zoos. He has written about places like Kodaikanal, Erode, Nilgiri, and more.


15. Krishnakumar TK

Krishnakumar TK - Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Krishnakumar TK – Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

A traveller and a broadcaster Krishnakumar has a lot to say about travel and cities. His blog is well organized with different tabs based on your travel interests. He writes extensively about places one must visit depending on the kind of travel you want to make.


16. Vivek and Sakshi

Vivek and Sakshi- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Vivek and Sakshi- Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

They are a couple that is enthusiastic travellers. They travel to see new places, as they do to eat and explore new food. As foodies and travellers apart from travelling they also try to give tips for travel. Some of the places they have written about are Meghalaya, Lakshadweep and more.


17. Gokulane Ravi

Gokulane Ravi - Travel Bloggers in Chennai
Gokulane Ravi – Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

One of those bloggers that write about a bit of everything. He writes about international locations with photos intact. He has written about places like Fiji, North Korea, Cape Verde, Faroe Islands, and more. He also talks extensively about food as part of his blog.


18. Susan Deborah Selvaraj

Susan Deborah Selvaraj- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Susan Deborah Selvaraj- Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

A writer and a traveller Susan write about travel just as passionately as she does other things like movies, the city and more. She has documented about Allapey, Alaknanda, Ahmedabad and more. She also gives tips on how to travel with pets.


19. Veludharan

Veludharan- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
Veludharan- Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

Veludharan is a traveller that writes in-depth about information places and their history. The blog also provides information on how to travel to different places and what all to see when you reach the location. That there are full research and end to end is helpful.


20. SV Saibaba

SV Saibaba- Travel Bloggers from Chennai
SV Saibaba- Best Travel Bloggers in Chennai

S V Saibaba is a travel blogger that writes about places to travel to. He is a nature lover and has written about the best places to travel including places like Ladakh, Cherrapunji, Andaman and Nicobar, and more. Apart from travel he also shares health and financial tips to readers.

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When it comes to travel, the best thing that works is reading and reading a lot. If you are planning to travel sometime soon make sure you read as much as possible through various sources. Come back and share your story and improve your reader’s travel experiences. After all, that’s what successful travel bloggers do – share stories! Which other travel bloggers in Chennai do you follow?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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FAQs – Travel Bloggers in Chennai

-Who are the best travel bloggers?
Some of the best travel bloggers in Chennai include Karthik Murali, Roshan, Mayuri Nidigallu and Omar Mujahid.

-How do bloggers get free trips?
Bloggers get free trips to various locations through partnerships with a particular tourist-based agency. For example, if a travel blogger in Chennai gets paid to go to Puducherry, the blogger gets paid and Puducherry gets the buzz.

-How do I start a travel blog?
The best travel bloggers in Chennai would tell you that the first step to setting up your travel blog is to actually start writing about your most recent travel experiences. Start from there and go on to develop a blog.

-What is the scope of travel blogging in Chennai?
As of today, travel blogging is still a growing niche in the city of Chennai. However, there is ample scope for growth for those willing to dive in and explore the niche.


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