Travel Entrepreneurs In India Who Choose To Be Different

Travel Entrepreneurs In India Who Choose To Be Different
Travel Entrepreneurs In India Who Choose To Be Different

Yes, the field of tourism and travel as a stable career is still budding in India. For the most part, the country’s tourism is taken care of by the government itself. Times are changing, however, and the tourism scene is slowly witnessing the rise to prominence of travel entrepreneurs in India. These individuals are shaking up the travel niche in the country, paving their path as talented professionals in the process. What’s the secret source behind their monumental success? One way to look at it is the route of hard work. There’s the other route too, which is the way of smart work. Interested? Let’s find out how that works!

Wayfarer By Profession

 The decision to base your entire career on traveling and selling your experiences to an audience doesn’t seem like a wise financial decision. On paper, that is. If you play your cards right, being a travel entrepreneur could be a very lucrative career choice. To understand how the best travel entrepreneurs set themselves apart from the crowd, we need to do some groundwork first. How do the tour entrepreneurs manage their earnings and generate sustainable revenue from it? After all, it’s not your average 9-to-5 desk job! What are the essential elements behind running a successful business as a bonafide travel entrepreneur? Let’s find out!

The Core Elements

To be a successful entrepreneur in the tourism niche, you need to set a solid foundation first. You have to start with a bang to hit the ground running and launch your business successfully. To do that, you need to account for the fundamental factors for a travel-based business to flourish. Let’s run over a few of these factors here.

The USP Sure, anyone can travel. What will set you apart from the competition is the unique experience you offer to your target audience. You need to find that signature pulse that can guarantee that people keep coming back to your brand. This USP is something only you can unearth and leverage.

The Plan. Every travel entrepreneur in Chennai and beyond needs a solid game plan to get their business up. Tourism requires a significant financial investment because travel isn’t cheap! Before you grab your tickets and start writing, make sure the groundwork is ready for you to begin operations right away.

Marketing. An effective marketing campaign will be the wind beneath your travel business’ wings. It helps your travel entrepreneurship take the spotlight and etch itself into your audience’s minds. For a travel brand, you’re usually going to want to opt for digital marketing campaigns. That way, you can chalk up a sizable reach under your brand name.

A Voice. As a travel entrepreneur in India, you have to identify the potential to form a connection with your target audience. In short, you need to have a unique voice that forms the basis for the experience you offer to your target audience or customers. You’ll also need to decide the type of business you want to enter. Do you want to be a blogger or a travel agent? Make an informed decision and put yourself out there!

That’s what forms the crux of the travel entrepreneur basics in the country. What constitutes the game-changing element of it, however? The following entrepreneurs in the tourism sector are blazing their path, making a mark in the industry in the process. Are you excited to meet them? Time for some discovery!

Upping The Travel Ante

 TraWork. Don’t we all feel that we’re not able to fit in enough travel in a year due to our hectic schedules? TraWork offers a viable solution to those looking for a reprieve from their busy work life. Founded by Vandita Purohit, a budding travel entrepreneur in India, TraWork aims to offer the best of both worlds to its clients. Relaxing at a vacation while not compromising on productivity sounds perfect, right? The startup’s tagline goes along the lines of travel while you work, and vice versa. They occupy a unique niche in the industry, with contacts that extend internationally over the years too. They’re going to be around for a very long time!

Ithaka. The name sounds intriguing, right? Ithaka is the brainchild of two IIT Bombay graduates, Rahul and Ameya. Their focus is on providing an intricate tourism and sightseeing experience, tailor-made based on your preferences. Ithaka started small, plying to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia. They have grown in leaps and bounds since then. Today, Ithaka stands tall as one of the best travel startups for travel advice-based tourism.

– PickYourTrail. This startup is the brainchild of two travel entrepreneurs in Chennai. In the few years of its presence, PickYourTrail has grown to be a premier pick among people in the country. Founded by Srinath Shankar and Hari Ganapathy, PickYourTrail offers a highly specialized trip experience based on a wide range of parameters. Even international trips can be entirely customized based on traveler preference. There’s ample infrastructure in place at PickYourTrail, including customer chat support and recommendations for places to visit and restaurants.

– goMowgli. Last-mile connectivity is an essential requirement in travel itineraries. Mowgli looks to fill that void by providing dedicated hop-on, hop-off services for travelers. There’s so much flexibility involved with the platform. The startup offers a pass system, where the travelers can quickly get from point A to point B in their travels.

Yatra. This platform may be a familiar name to most of you. That’s thanks to the efforts of Sabina Chopra, one of the most prominent women travel entrepreneurs in India. Yatra has set itself apart over the years as a hassle-free platform to book travel tickets, compare prices, and organize itineraries. Yatra has retained its name and reputation across the years for a seamless travel experience.


 Travel entrepreneurs in India have been cementing their stature as talented professionals. This rise to prominence has been a promising sign for the industry as a whole. In the future, the Indian tourism industry can expand its horizons into new avenues. With efforts from entrepreneurs such as these, we can be sure that the journey is going to be quite an adventure!

FAQs – Travel Entrepreneurs In India

– How do I start a travel business in India?
While there are many intricacies in starting a travel business in India, the first few steps are to find a travel niche, choose an agency name, create a plan on how to go about it, create a website and decide what services you want to offer and take it forward from there.

– How much does it cost to start a travel business in India?
Travel business in India has a great scope. However, the initial investment depends on how big you want to start your business and the kind of set-up you are planning to have.

– What is Travel Entrepreneurship?
Travel entrepreneurship is a profession like any other. It is a full-time profession in travel in which a person travels full-time and makes money from it.

– Who are the top travel Entrepreneurs in India?
There are some amazing travel entrepreneurs in India. Vishwas Raj, Siddharth Mittal, Varun Gupta, and Gulshan Bafna are some of the top entrepreneurs in India.

– How to become a travel entrepreneur in India?
Becoming a travel entrepreneur is a great option. India is very welcoming of new businesses and you can always start your business by yourself provided you have the right investment.

– What are the benefits of running a travel business in India?
The benefit of running a travel business in India is that by working or setting up your agency right at home, you are able to save a lot of time and cost. Also, you can work as per your flexibility. Also, travel is a business that always has demand ad this is something very assuring to start a travel business.

– How to set up a travelling business in India?
All you need to set up a travel business in India is to have enough capital and a blueprint. While some might need certification and registration, you can just be a blogger as well. What you need depends on what you want to do.

– What are some tips on starting a travel business in India?

Firstly, always get inspired by other entrepreneurs. Read their business stories and learn from them. Have a proper plan and do not deviate from your budget. Experimentation is the only way to know what works best for you. Of all, have passion for what you are doing.



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