Top 7 Trekking Destinations in Nepal

Top Trekking Destinations in Nepal
Top Trekking Destinations in Nepal

Nepal is a picturesque country, with ample destinations to bask in its alpine beauty. Nepal is home to a fair amount of the world’s tallest mountains, which has resulted in the country becoming one of the most popular destinations for a trek. Trekking in Nepal is a must, as most of the notable sights and destinations in the country are only accessible by foot. Many best Indian travel bloggers have Nepal as a sure-shot destination in their trip sheet.

While the trekking destinations in Nepal are spread out across the country, one will find that it’s not too difficult to organize a trek for yourself upon arrival in the country. Over the years, Nepal’s tourism industry has evolved to meet the surge in demand for holistic trekking packages to all the popular spots across the nation. 

Once in Nepal, you will find a plethora of agencies that can point you in the right direction to get straight on the trekking road. Kathmandu, the nation’s capital is a primary hub that offers a wide range of excursions to the best treks in Nepal, and the cherry on top is that some packages are inclusive of all age groups! The other notable hub from where you can find the perfect trekking tour for you is Pokhara, a quintessential Nepalese town. 

Trekking Destinations in Nepal
Trekking Destinations in Nepal

As with any trekking excursion, there are certain preparatory measures that you have to take before you embark on your snowy journey in Nepal. Some of them are obvious, and yet others are small adjustments that can greatly help you on your trek. Let’s take a look at them.

Mountain biospheres can be rough to traverse if you pick the wrong season, and Nepal is no exception to this. Ideally, you should plan your trip to Nepal from March to June. This is when the climate and environment are most favorable for trekking in Nepal.

Nepal treks can be classified into two broad types: guided and unguided. While the two types are pretty self-explanatory, the central difference between both is that in guided treks, the authorized organizations arrange for all the permits you’ll need for the trek. On unguided treks, you’ll have to take care of this yourself. Securing permits isn’t particularly difficult, but if you’re on a tight itinerary, it’s probably best to opt for a guided trek for a smooth tour.

Tourist place in Nepal - Trekking Destinations in Nepal
Tourist place in Nepal – Trekking Destinations in Nepal

Finally, in terms of equipment, it goes without saying that you’ll need a sturdy trekking kit and plenty of accessories to brave the Himalayan cold of Nepal. Pack the essentials, such as a first-aid kit, and stock up on supplies when you can. For the more demanding treks, you will need additional equipment such as pickaxes.

Now that we’ve covered the essentials of visiting trekking destinations in Nepal, let’s take a look at the locations themselves, one by one! Note that the destinations are not listed in order of popularity, because it would be unfair to compare such pristine locations with each other.

Top trekking destinations in Nepal

1. Annapurna Trek

Annapurna Trek - Trekking Destinations in Nepal
Annapurna Trek – Trekking Destinations in Nepal

This is one of the most popular and best treks in Nepal, circling the base of the Annapurna mountain range. The trek route takes you through a variety of different biomes, from Manang’s deserts to the Rupse Waterfall. The trek also covers the Muktinath Temple and lets you bask in the Tatopani natural hot springs. You will also cross the Thorong La pass, and this is a trek that you can make on foot. If you have the time, don’t miss it!

  • Difficulty: Mostly easy
  • Duration: 2 weeks

2. Everest Camp Trek

Everest Camp Trek - Trekking Destinations in Nepal
Everest Camp Trek – Trekking Destinations in Nepal

This trekking destination in Nepal needs no introduction. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be within proximity of the tallest mountain peak on the planet. Across the two weeks of the trek, you bear witness to a world of glaciers, quaint villages and of course, Mount Everest itself. The Sagarmatha valley is filled with picturesque beauty and rich Sherpa culture. Before you ask, no, you will not be climbing Mount Everest itself, just trekking in its valley!

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Duration: 2 weeks

3. The Royal Trek

The Kanchenjunga Trek - Trekking Destinations in Nepal
The Kanchenjunga Trek – Trekking Destinations in Nepal

The Royal Trek gets its name from the time when Prince Charles of England once undertook it. Starting from the pristine lakes of Pokhara and gives you firsthand experience of visiting Gurung villages. The extensive terraced farms are quite a sight to behold as you traverse the Annapurna region. If you’re pressed for time, this may be one of the best treks in Nepal for you. 

  • Difficulty: Challenging (mainly because of altitude)
  • Duration: Under a week

4. The Kanchenjunga Trek

The Kanchenjunga Trek - Trekking Destinations in Nepal
The Kanchenjunga Trek – Trekking Destinations in Nepal

This is a trekking experience in Nepal that is only for the most seasoned trekkers. Kanchenjunga is the third highest peak in the world, and it is surrounded by a plethora of sights, such as the rhododendron forests that are characteristic of East Nepal. Other notable sights on the trek are the lengthy Yalung glacier and the wildlife conservation area around the peak itself. A word of warning, however, the climate is not usually friendly, and the cold can get biting at times. Pack accordingly, and rest at the base camps.

  • Difficulty: Very difficult
  • Duration: Around 3 weeks

5. Kathmandu Valley Treks

Kathmandu Valley Treks - Trekking Destinations in Nepal

Consider these the starter pack of trekking in Nepal. Chances are, if you’re arriving in Nepal, you’re flying into Kathmandu. Most people don’t have the time off to go on week-long (or even month-long) treks. That explains why Kathmandu’s short trek packages are a popular option, despite being very simple in nature. The capital’s valley offers plenty of sights to see in terms of nature’s beauty and culture, with Chandragiri and Champa Devi being popular picks for one-day hikes. Choose these if you want the basic experience of trekking in the country.

  • Difficulty: Very Easy
  • Duration: Few days (up to your choice)

6. Langtang Trek

Langtang Trek - Trekking Destinations in Nepal
Langtang Trek – Trekking Destinations in Nepal

Langtang is a trekking destination in Nepal not too far off from Kathmandu, and it offers myriad sights to see within a week of trekking. It’s a destination that’s well-known for the panoramic views and magnificent sunrises you can witness from vantage points like Tserko Ri. There is also a fair share of farmlands and pastures along the way, rounding out the experience of a complete trek.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Duration: Around a week

7. Ghorepani Trek

Ghorepani Trek - Trekking Destinations in Nepal
Ghorepani Trek – Trekking Destinations in Nepal

This is a trek that gives you a bit of everything, for a thorough Himalayan trek experience. Traversing the Annapurna Valley, you’ll see lush rhododendron forests and unique sights such as the ancient salt trade route. A star attraction of this trek is Poon Hill, from where you can take in the view of the entire Annapurna mountain range. No wonder, then, that this location is known as a photographer’s paradise!

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: Under a week (package-dependent)

As you can see, trekking in Nepal is a holistic travel experience that must be experienced, whether you’re a trekker or just a regular traveler. When in doubt, do a little research in the best travel blogs in India that might offer you good advice and tips about the trip. There are ample travel destinations to choose from in the country, with trekking experiences for all ages. The Nepal trekking road awaits. Are you ready to answer its call?

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