Trip to Dubai – Plan, Travel and Enjoy!

Once in a lifetime, we all want to experience a luxury vacation which should include everything from shopping to adventure to soothing views. And for a quintessential holiday, Dubai (UAE) is one of the most preferred destinations. Traditionally Dubai’s lure for tourists was only based on the shopping malls, but today this energetic and rising city has way beyond to offer. With great hospitality, endless beaches, unmatched art alleys, Atlantis theme park, world largest building, striking fountain show, and thrilling Ferrari rides, Dubai can be the best holiday destination you should plan for. However, there are few things you need to know and consider for a perfectly planned holiday.


The first thing to consider is the climate when planning a trip to Dubai unless you are a shopaholic and doesn’t care about hot climate, summer can be a choice. However, October to April is the ideal time to explore Dubai when the weather is finest and excitement is highest. Dubai’s shopping festival held during January and February, so flight and hotel bookings need to be locked much prior to traveling. You can opt for a vacation package that offers the convenience of booking various aspects of your tour with a single transaction along with attractive deals. For hotel reservations, you can trust that has widest range of hotels to choose from in Dubai.

If you enjoy breathtaking water rides and marine life then Atlantis theme park is something you cannot afford to miss. Atlantis theme park is loaded with activities like Swim with Dolphin, Lost Chamber Aquarium, Atlantis Water Park, Atlantis Aquarium Dives, Sea Lion Point and more. This place has fun-packed activities for both adults and kids, so it is better to book your tickets to Atlantis theme park in advance. Make sure the ticket package includes park entrance fee, inclusive of taxes and service charges, parking and pick and drop at your convenience.

For sightseeing, the best option is to book your tickets with big buses who expertise in offering day and night tours in Dubai with many free inclusions. Especially the night tour is very beautiful which lasts for about 3 hours. In fact, that is the perfect time to enjoy the illumination of Dubai’s tall buildings with live commentary on the interesting history of the city. Apart from sightseeing, you must visit the Ferrari world of Abu Dhabi, which is supposed to be the largest indoor theme park in world and world fastest roller coaster ride “Formula Rossa is also here! To grab the fun you must book the tickets beforehand and for luxurious treatment go with the VIP admission.


  • Decent clothing is entertained, beachwear are only for beaches.
  • Alcohol and drug in public places are restricted.
  • Public display of affection is strictly not prohibited.
  • Check before clicking pictures, there are many places where taking pictures is not allowed.
  • Always carry required medicines along, as much prescribed medicines in another country might be banned in Dubai.
  • Smoking inside the mall and government building is restricted.
  • Make sure to mention your food requirement in a package especially if you are a vegetarian.
  • Transportation costs can be a little high in Dubai; however metro rails are cheaper that can directly connect you to malls, Palm Island and many other places.
  • A heavy fine can be charged for any rule-breaking.
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