Markha Valley – Unveiling of Myself

It was an unknown decision. My sister called me a day and said we are celebrating her birthday at Leh – Ladakh. I asked about the Itinerary and she said nothing but trekking, and I did not know what was ahead in trekking, as this was the first one for me.

The day had come July 11, we started from Chennai to Leh via Delhi, what a moment was it, it was like I am in Swiss the cold chilled breeze which is dancing and slapping though my face, the cold smoke from my mouth and much more.

Day 1– was more of rest as the oxygen level is less over there so we need to get suitable/adjustable according to the hilly region.


Day 2– We walked through the Leh and found the city’s beauty through my naked eyes. Then we also went to the trekking agency office and they gave us the training about the valley and instructed about Pro & cons of it.

Day 3 – The miracle day starts from here I never know what was coming. We started from hotel to split UK bridge @10:20 reached by 3:30 via road to Zeng Chen, 15 km journey it was, it was a warm-up day as we were walking on man-made roads, soft day to call off.

Day 4 – It was peaceful start as no connectivity towards the outside world, 8:00 am we started our trek from Zingchen pass, the passage was a bit okay as we were climbing 700 mts steep and had our lunch at rumba base @ 11:15  with local Kashmiri foods and not to miss the 2 minutes Maggi. and we reached our destination@4:15 Gandla base 19kms journey it was, I was starting to feel the pinch and punch of trekking.

Day 5 – Birds were singing, the ox was roaring to wake me up, and the natural fresh air was dating with the leaves gave another relaxing and energizing start, as this was one of the toughest days to trek, one it was 20 km journey with 600mts longitudinal steep. we started from Gandla basecamp @ 7:20 reached @ 11:00 4380 Mts above from the sea level had energy bars and moved towards shy and we passed by through the amazing village and beautiful green valleys of zinshingo @2:45 and reached shy @ 6 pm, it was  20 km path and steep of 600 mts. I was completely down and wanted to head home on one side and on the other side I want to conquer this volleyed though the beauty and natural resources.


Day 6 – We started marching from Shy base @7:05 passed through sarape @11 and crossed markka river fresh clean transparent water, as these are the pure water and ready to drink then reached by 3:00 @ Markha valley. in this place, they had a satellite phone and we were standing in the queue to say hols to near & dears. it was a straight 20 km march.


Day 7Markha valley is mesmerizing place wanted to spend some more time here but as the schedule and journey was planned we were not able to do it, but I shall go there another time very soon, started @ 7:30 crossing through remote village and valley and crossed glacier stream and reached destination thachungtse @ 2:30. It was 15kms walk with 400 mts steep.


Day 8 – As instructed said earlier that it was going to be a soft day only straight march, so we started from Thachungtse base@ 8:30 climbed 400 mts. we had an amazing welcome by ice rain followed by snow fall, wow what a welcome thank you lord for a wonderful appreciation and certificate so far. We had passed through the pond and reached naming @ 1:30.


Day 9 – Final day of the trekking, we started our final day walk @ 7:30 from Naming and reached kongmarla @ 9:00 5100 mts height peak of this valley and reached shamshungtho base@ 6:00 it was 22 km journey but nature did not make us feel the same. by this time I had already feel in love with this place, but GOD always has his plans for us so had to say, Alvin.

Day 10 – Started from shamshungtho @ 8:40 and reached the hotel and packed up the backs and started towards the airport. and reached back home via Delhi.

We were completely into natural resources for all the day to day usage and the worst part was we were not able to find even a single Indian doing the trip other than foreigners, this made an elevation to us when we were having chit chats with foreigners. This is the trip that made me feel in love with nature and myself. It was a mini HDB for me. such moments… are always staring in the forms of my eyes.

I am very proud to say I have accomplished the MARKHA VALLEY.

It was 111 km stretch, 3500 steep height.


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