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Write for Us - Guest Post Guidelines
Write for Us – Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for us for my travel blog.  Kindly take note of our guidelines so that we may streamline the process of accepting and posting your blog.

We are looking for travel-related blogs that offer valuable knowledge to our audience. This includes review blogs like hotels review, restaurants review, travel packages review, etc.

Guidelines to read before your start write for us : 

– Ensure that your blog maintains a high standard of content quality throughout.
– The article has to be grammatically correct, with no errors.
– The word limit for the article is around 1000-2000 words.
– Kindly send your article in a word document file.
– Add relevant images in your article as and where fit.
– Kindly specify the sources you use for your article.
– Include a short author bio along with a profile picture when submitting your blog.
– Do not plagiarize content in any way. Doing so will result in the disqualification of your submission.
– Once the blog is posted on our site, we reserve the right to edit and tweak the content for length, style, and other parameters. Once submitted, we retain final editorial control of the post.
– You are not authorized to post your blog only on your personal/company pages. In the event that you post it anywhere else, we reserve the right to take your post down from our platform.
– We will provide one backlink for your blog post.

Sample Blogs:

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