5 Reasons Why Indians love Dubai

Why Indians love Dubai


Dubai- with its towering skyscrapers, world-class shopping, and exciting attractions that will appeal to the masses- is a well-loved travel and expatriate destination for many people, but perhaps one group of people love it more than anyone else.

It is no secret that Indians love Dubai, but why? Find out why, above any other group, Indians have moved in droves to Dubai. Below are five reasons Indians love Dubai and why they are one of the largest expatriate groups residing in Dubai today.

5 Reasons Why Indians love Dubai

1. Safety First

Safety First - Reasons Why Indians love Dubai
Safety First – Reasons Why Indians love Dubai

Perhaps one of the most essential reasons Dubai is one of the top Indian expatriate nations is its relative safety. Dubai is widely regarded as one of the safest cities in the world, and when comparing the safety standards in Dubai with that of major cities in India, Dubai’s safety is hard to match. Stringent laws and rules that are strictly enforced hugely influence citizens to be law-abiding.

Rarely will someone risk their employment or way of life to be imprisoned for breaking the law. Hefty fines are also charged when a crime has been committed, and these help prevent crime in a major way.

Indian women, specifically, feel generally safe in Dubai, even when going out at night on public transportation like the metro or in a taxi. Indian women most likely feel secure in Dubai thanks to laws that prohibit harassing women in public.

There are harsh penalties for anyone who breaks these laws, so it is safe to say that women have the potential to feel more guarded and far more safe in Dubai than they might in India. Even in western cultures, women are harassed on the streets with little recourse, so the streets of Dubai are a safe haven for Indian women.

2. Tidy City Streets

Tidy City Streets - Reasons Why Indians love Dubai
Tidy City Streets – Reasons Why Indians love Dubai

Right up there with safety is cleanliness and Dubai is an incredibly clean city. Almost bordering on sterile, Dubai’s streets are a vast contrast from the crowded chaos of Indian roads. It is no wonder that Indians crave the order and tidiness of Dubai streets and public places- anyone would.

According to Emirates 24/7, there are actually eleven laws, specifically on the topic of cleanliness. The laws have hefty fines if anyone is caught breaking them. Some of these laws range from rules that are commonly laid down all over the world like littering laws to exact laws that forbid residents to hang their laundry from their balcony. Even dirty cars can result in a heavy fine, so residents are urged to keep their personal property, along with public spaces clean.

No matter your opinion on the rules that work to beautify Dubai, one can easily see why it might be desirable for some to live in a city that prides itself on its regimented cleanliness.

3. A Quick Trip

Quick Trip - Reasons Why Indians love Dubai
Quick Trip – Reasons Why Indians love Dubai

Another reason Dubai is favored by Indians is due to its close proximity to India. Only a short three to five-hour trip on a plane means that Indian families are not too far from each other. Visiting, even for just a long weekend is a breeze. Emigrating to Dubai is more accessible due to its relative closeness to India.

Other nations Indians commonly migrate to are the United States of America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. All three of these western countries are largely Anglo and a stark difference from India or other Asian countries. Dubai is close and the culture is more similar than a western state in comparison.

Moving permanently to any new city has the potential to leave anyone feeling vulnerable, but because of the similar culture and customs, Dubai likely feels like home to many Indians looking for a change that isn’t too much of a difference from what they are accustomed to in their home country.

4. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa - Reasons Why Indians love Dubai
Burj Khalifa – Reasons Why Indians love Dubai

The tallest building in the world is Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. This marvel draws visitors from all over the world. Whether you are drawn to its staggering height or its cosmopolitan atmosphere, there is something for everyone at this impressive architectural wonder.

Burj Khalifa is modeled after a Hymenocallis flower and when seen from the sky, looks like the onion-dome depiction found all over the Islamic nation. This impressive building was opened in 2010 and since has won 18 records for its remarkable height and design.

Along with two observation decks to take in the amazing bird’s eye views of Dubai, there is fine dining, the Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Fountain on the grounds of Burj Khalifa. Indians looking for an all-day experience to please the whole family can find it at this design and engineering wonder. You can get Burj Khalifa tickets online by cleartrip. Want to visit Dubai, you can book a holiday villa from Julius Homes.

5. Entertainment

Entertainment - Reasons Why Indians love Dubai
Entertainment – Reasons Why Indians love Dubai

People are drawn to Dubai’s glittering skyline and golden promises, and Indians are no different in wanting a good life. Plenty of Indian business people flock to Dubai to make their fame, and what better way to spend that fame than on the endless entertainment on offer in Dubai?

According to Rani Singh in her Forbes article, Things Indians Love About Dubai, “Indians love entertainment.”

Entertainment is one of Dubai’s specialties, and there is always something on offer, even for the most discerning of visitors or expats. From glittering hotels, like the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab and the Giorgio Armani designed hotel, Armani to golf clubs, beaches, amusement parks, expansive shopping malls, and manmade resort islands, Dubai specializes in the good life.

For any Indian looking to improve their experience or to make it big, Dubai is a place of many opportunities.

Indians, along with residents from many other nations have started to call Dubai home or at the very least one of their top vacation destinations. The strict laws in Dubai may initially put someone off, but when the clean streets and low crime is considered, it is easy to see that the positive can outweigh the negative. Add to this the myriad choices for entertainment and Dubai sounds like an ideal place to call home.

Indians love Dubai and it is plain to see why they are the largest expatriate group in the nation.


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