Renting Apartments and Farmhouses in Rome, Italy


Rome (the capital of Italy) is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and has some of the most breathtaking architecture in the whole of human history. It is also home to some of the finest art worldwide. Add to this the amount of history surrounding the city and it is no wonder that it is a city that is visited by many millions of tourists every year.

Whilst many tourists merely stay in hotels, a great deal of them feel far more comfortable staying in apartments in Rome. This gives them the freedom to come and go as they wish, not being restrained to certain eating and cleaning times. Considering how cheap apartments in Rome are these days it is a wonder that more people don’t choose that option.

Vacation rentals in Rome are available all over the vast city so you can choose exactly whereabouts you wish to stay and for how much. Why not stay alongside the Tiber River with its spectacular views or maybe near the Pantheon, only a short distance from many of Rome’s attractions.

It is even possible to rent an apartment on Rome’s most exclusive street, Via Giulia, a street which itself is seeped in Rome’s history including San Eligio, a church believed to be designed by Raphael. For a more relaxed vacation in Rome, try renting an apartment in the Campo de Fiori district and taking your holiday at your own pace.

If you are planning to stay in Tuscany for a week time for your holidays, then it is suggested to stay in any best farmhouses in Tuscany. Tuscany Farmhouse is much more affordable than villas or holiday apartment.

With so much to see and do in Rome, a rental apartment is the perfect way to see the city whether you are visiting for a day, for a week or even for a month. What better way to enjoy yourself than having your very own accommodation to come back to in the evening after a day visiting the Vatican and a night with the locals.

Invite friends around and prepare a meal so you can recount the visit to the colosseum and what it must have been like for gladiators of old over bottles of local wine. It really is like having a home away from home for however long you need it which is likely to be months and even years if you wish to see all Rome has to offer.

Families will also find a great benefit of apartments in Rome as there is a lot less hassle than with hotels. No waiting around to check in because ten people are queuing before you. No 6 flights of stairs to climb to get to your room. No squeezing into a tiny room when there are 4 of you.

No risk of being disturbed by the cleaners or the noisy occupants next door. Enjoy your very own little apartment, with its own bedrooms, bathroom, living room and it’s very own kitchen to prepare healthy Italian food for the children. Create that fantastic family atmosphere around your very own dining area and discuss the adventures you had that day without the hassle of being herded into a dining room with hundreds of other guests.


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