12 Best Places For Solo Female Travelers

solo female travel

Women are motivated by a desire for independence. The beauty of solo female travel is to have some ‘Me’ time to explore a city on your own. Travelling alone is an enriching experience. Moments alone, in another environment, and engrossed in a different culture have healing potential. Sometimes being alone helps one become a better version of oneself. However, for women, safety takes precedence over wanderlust. Even though the world is a dangerous place for women, there are some places where they feel safe and secure. Here are some of the best places to go for solo female travel in no particular order. 

12) Ireland 


Ireland has beautiful natural scenery, charming tiny towns, and fascinating ruins. It offers a fantastic location for a road trip and plenty of activities to keep you entertained. From exploring charming towns, hiking, and surfing to creating some of the most memorable experiences, you will never get bored here. The Irish people are incredibly kind and hospitable, always willing to share a tale, and have beautiful accents that sound like music. 

11) Austria 

Austria in Central Europe, a country full of magnificent art, classical music, and gorgeous architecture, attracts many people from all over the world, particularly those from Asia who come for the Sound of Music tours. Austria is a beautiful and safe nation, perfect for solo female travel. Austria has so much to offer; whether you love sightseeing, exploring towns, trekking, or skiing, there will be no shortage of things to do in Austria. 

10) Spain 


Known for its mountainous landscapes, instagrammable architecture, glorious weather, delicious cuisine, vibrant and culturally rich cities, and thriving nightlife, Spain is a must-visit destination for solo travel. Spain is an affordable country to visit and has good public transport options to explore its medieval villages and beach towns. You can also hike up the mountains. Violent crime against tourists is scarce in Spain, but you must be careful of pickpocketers. 

9) Switzerland 

The stunning scenery and countryside will fascinate you from the minute you arrive in Switzerland, a lovely and safe destination for female solo travellers. The transport system in Switzerland is fantastic, and you can travel amid nature through postcard-worthy regions, hike up the mountains in solitude, or wander around independently. There are gem-like glaciers, alpine meadows, snow-capped mountains, mirror-like lakes, cascading waterfalls, and delicious chocolates, making Switzerland a favourite escape for solo female travellers. 

8) Munich, Germany 

munich germany

The joyous German spirit shows through in this Bavarian city, where visitors and locals mingle over brotchen in mom-and-pop bakeries and beers in the Biergarten. Your Germany Visa allows you to explore the green spaces of The English Garden; visit the Marienplatz, Hofbrauhaus, and Viktualienmarkt; admire the Nymphenburg Palace and Munich Residenz; or climb up the Olympiapark tower or “Olympiaturm,” which provides stunning views of the Alps. 

7) Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s eccentricity caters to singles. Several strategically situated hotels provide single rooms, making them the ideal starting place for solo travellers to experience Danish adventures. Nyhavn, the famous canal dotted with multicoloured buildings (take a tour for a closer look at the city’s waterways), and Tivoli Gardens, a historic amusement park, are both must-sees. Stop through the Torvehallerne KBH food hall for a quick solitary snack. Because Danish society values communal meals, single travellers will never feel isolated. 

6) Fjords, Norway 

fjords norway

There is no finer setting for introspection than the serene blue and green canvas of the Fjords in Norway. In Bergen, you may take the Floibanen funicular or the Bergen Railway for a day trip. Take a sail in Aurlandsfjord and Naroyfjord from Gudvangen. The Flam Railway tour, with vistas shifting outside the window from seascapes to snow-capped mountains, is just as breathtaking as the boat rides with waterfalls at every turn. This journey is specially designed for the sole traveller seeking peace in nature rather than crowded biergartens. 

5) London, United Kingdom

London offers European flair without the language barrier or culture shock. Solo female travellers can easily spend days wandering down the River Thames, exploring the four and a half acres of Harrod’s department store, eating at the historic Borough Market, and visiting the iconic landmarks of the UK’s largest metropolis. The 250 miles of the London Underground provide easy access to the city’s unending attractions. Once it gets dark, sit and relax next to residents at a pub, watch a show in the West End, or eat something late at night in Chinatown. 

4) Singapore 


Singapore, a metropolis of innovation, finance, and technology on the southern tip of Asia, is a safe place for solo female travellers. This ‘Garden City’ has plenty of places to explore and enjoy activities like, luxury shopping on Orchard Road, watching the light show at Gardens by the Bay, admiring the orchids in the Singapore Botanical Garden, enjoying incredible views from the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Observation Deck, taking a ride on the Singapore Flyer, and gorging on delicious food at Makansutra Gluttons Bay. 

3) Greece 

Greece is an extremely popular destination, ranking among the top three bucket list locations among the solo female travellers’ group. It is the perfect combination of sun and sea, breathtaking islands with white-washed fishing villas and those stunning blue domes. Women can enjoy great meals, long hours of sunlight (it rains only for twenty days a year in Santorini), friendly people, unique spots for photoshoots, shopping, and more. 

2) Italy 


Italy is one of the best European destinations for solo female travellers. You will come across friendly locals who are always willing to help you and offer travel recommendations. Pull up to a local trattoria, order a carafe of wine, or tuck into a buttery ravioli to live the dolce vita lifestyle. As a solo traveller, you could head to Rome and explore the museums and cathedrals or visit the vineyards of Tuscany. The extensive public transport system makes it easy to move around the country. 

1) Bali 

Bali is a favourite Indonesian paradise island for female solo travellers and digital nomads. With an economy built on tourism, small towns, and a thriving ex-pat community, there are plenty of places to explore. Many female solo travellers from across the world come to Ubud to practise yoga, meditate, and enjoy Balinese food. If the zen of the forest is not your cup of tea, you can head to Canggu on the South Coast and enjoy surfing and the beach. With markets, bars, and vibrant nightlife, you will be spoilt for choice. 

Solo travel helps women to overcome many fears. It could be the fear of having no one to talk to or being alone. But once you go on a trip alone, you will no longer feel threatened by these things. From making lifelong memories to discovering oneself, travel to these wonderful places and find the perfect destination to explore.

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