Essentials Things To Carry On Long Bike Road Trip

Essentials To Carry While Going On a Road Trip On Your Bike

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Are you an avid traveler who likes to take road trips every now and then? Then, here are a few essentials things to carry on long bike road trip to make your road trip a pleasant one. 


Are you someone who loves to go on exciting and adventurous road trips? Well, so do I. I read a quote by Lao Tzu, which said, ‘A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.’ I like to travel impromptu and go where my heart takes me to. I have found solace and peace in taking road trips on my bike. Going on a road trip is the most gratifying experience that anyone could have. Although it is fun and thrilling to go where my heart takes, I have learned from my experience that I need a few essentials and things to carry on a road trip. To make your road trip a safe and good experience, it is necessary to carry a few essentials, and I have listed down the essentials in this blog. Read through to know more. 

Essentials Things To Carry On Long Bike Road Trip

1. Helmets 

Helmets are the essential and most important things to carry on a bike trip. Be it a road trip you are taking or a casual road ride, helmets are a must. Given the nature of the highway ride, it is always advisable to keep the head covered. Safety before anything else, and below I have a list of helmets that could help you carry out a safe and secure road trip experience. 

2. Full face helmets 

Full face helmets are basic helmets that provide full coverage protection to the head and face. A full-face helmet is a basic helmet for a safe riding experience. Full face helmets are the safety coverage that refrains riders from experiencing serious injuries to the head and skull. The full-face helmets are bulky and avoid wind and rain seeping in. They are the most suitable and comfortable helmet choices for long-distance travel. 

3. Modular helmets 

If you want to experience the wind on the face while going on your road trip, then modular helmets are the best option. Modular helmets are half-faced helmets. Modular helmets have an adjustable front part and can be moved up and across. This gives a half helmet feel, and modular helmets weigh a little more than others. 

4. Off-road helmets 

Off-road helmets are for those adventurous road trips that the bikers carry out on hard roads. Off-road helmets are designed in such a way that the dirt and dust of the rigorous road trips doesnt enter into the helmet or reach your eyes or face. Generally, riders use goggles to cover their eyes when they use off-road helmets. Off-road helmets also have vents in them. These vents make sure to keep the riders head cool. Off-road helmets are the best for adventurous travel, and I have a good experience using them. 

5. Luggage 

Luggage is an essential part of a road trip. Luggage help carries all the essential needs for a road trip. Since most of my road trips are impromptu plans, I make sure that I pack basic necessities that I would need daily and beyond. I also make sure that it is lightly packed and make sure there are only necessary things to carry for long bike trip. 

6. Travel backpack 

Travel backpacks are the ones that are the usual backpacks that one carries on road trips, hikes and more. These long elongated backpacks provide a great space to accommodate many essentials and stuff in it. They are easy to carry and will make a good travel companion. 

7. Cylinder Duffel backpack

A Cylinder Duffel backpack is the best to carry on a road trip. A cylinder duffel backpack can be easily tied to the back of your bike, thereby ensuring a comfortable and safe road trip experience. A cylinder duffel backpack provides extra space to pack essentials and things and is one of the best things to carry on a bike trip. 

8. Firangi backpack 

Firangi backpacks are long and elongated ones with an easy opening notch on the top. If you are that workaholic who carries a laptop along with you on road trips, then a firangi backpack is essential luggage for you as it makes the best luggage for carrying the laptop and other essentials.

9. Riding gear

Riding gears are the most important entities or clothing equipment for riders to ensure a safe driving experience and an amazing road trip. Riding gears are very important things to carry on a bike trip. If not for a road trip too, they are essential things to carry while travelling on bike. 

10. Riding gloves 

As you all know, riding a bike on a road trip comes with hours of holding the bike handle. The friction and heat generated on hand is nothing less. So, it is best to wear durable and breathable leather gloves to experience a smooth ride. Always remember that riding gloves are essential things to carry for long bike trip.

11. Goggles 

Riding for numerous hours together for long hours makes you prone to eye irritation from all the wins, dust and dirt on the highway. To ensure a clear vision throughout your road trip, goggles are essential. 

12. Elbow/knee guard

Safety and precaution are always necessary, especially when it comes to going on road trips. Wear a safe elbow and knee guard to keep yourself safe just in case.  Elbow/knee guards are essential things to carry on a bike trip. 

13. Motorcycling jacket 

If you are a bike rider who will ride through the day and night, then you need to keep yourself prepared for all the temperatures and environmental pressures. Getting a suitable jacket that keeps your body temperature at optimum levels is essential. A nice jacket is one of the best things to carry while travelling on bike. 

14. Motorcycling boots

Your legs need a great grip when you ride long hours. Strong, durable and top grain motorcycling boots are a must when it comes to going on road trips. Boots are essential things to carry for long bike trip

The Essentials kit 

1. Repair tools 

As much as it’s fun, a road trip is also a bumpy affair. You might not know when your bike tire might go flat, or your bike faces faulty issues. So, it is best to carry a repair tool with you if you look forward to having a smooth road trip experience. Repair tools are the essentials things to carry on a bike trip. These tool kits will contain basic tools which help repair small issues and faults in your bike. 

2. GPS system for bikes 

While taking an impromptu bike trip with no end destination planned can be exciting, it does come with a worry of being safe and knowing the directions that you are heading to. To ensure safe travel, you definitely need a GPS system for bikes. A GPS systems is one of the most important things to carry on a road trip Riding within the city limits in itself demands us to check google maps on our smartphones a hundred times. So, you might as well install a GPS system on your bike and carry out a safe road trip. 

The above are the must-have things to carry on a road trip that you should purchase before going on a road trip. They are high-quality and useful things to carry while traveling on a bike.

Go ahead, get them and get ready for your road trip. Let’s meet on the highways sometime? 


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