Road Trip From Mumbai to Goa : The Perfect Post-Lockdown Trip


Are you craving badly to go out? Everyone’s sick of being home and staying indoors. We all yearn for that fresh air and lush green trees and scenic views. The first thing post lockdown that anyone wants to do is to get out and explore a new place. But due to various restrictions by the government for the safety of its people, it is necessary to understand and abide by them. For a country as populous as ours, it is important to maintain certain restrictions still to combat the virus and stay safe.

But having said that, there will be some point in time when everything will fall back to normal. Tourism is one of the major contributors to a country’s GDP, and with the entire tourism industry down, the treasure boxes of our nation see some emptiness. Having a quick jump from the topic of when the government will issue new rules to set free things, let us explore new avenues to short trips before considering something international or a far off reach.

Mumbai to Goa by road. How does that sound? Of all the things that you can imagine, here’s a blog on what you exactly can expect on a road trip like this.

Grab some Basic Information From

First things first, let’s talk about the road stretch. It is smooth, straight, and a four-lane road that you will take on this trip from Mumbai to Goa by road. It will be a drive for 14 hours on an NH66. The total distance in kilometers will be approximately 500km. The scenic view is spectacular. All that you will find is lush green trees everywhere. If you have watched the movie Dil Chahta Hai, then you can entirely relate to how it feels to go on a road trip from Mumbai to Goa.

Goa is a ‘must-visit’ place on everyone’s travel bucket list. What makes it very happening? Well, let’s save that for another blog. But today, we will see how it feels to take a drive from Mumbai to Goa. But before that, let us know what the essentials required if you want to travel right now are. As mentioned before, though many state governments have specific relaxed rules about the lockdown, there are a few restrictions imposed for everyone’s safety. Before we jump to the nuances of the trip. Here are a few must-haves to travel anywhere pos lockdown. They include:

  • ID Proof – This is important to prove your identity, especially when you cross the state borders.
  • Hardcopies of e-pass and other necessary documents.
  • A hardcopy of the booking of the place you are planning to stay in.
  • COVID test reports
  • Necessary sanitizing equipment

Now that you are aware of the basics required to let us jump to ‘what can you expect from a road trip from Mumbai to Goa post lockdown‘.

Road Trip from Mumbai to Goa is always full of excitement. If you are lucky and the climate compliments you then you can consider this trip as one of the most memorable ones.

Route Option

Road Trip From Mumbai To Goa
Road Trip From Mumbai To Goa

There are two major routes that you can take. Here’s some information on it.

Option 1 – Mumbai to Goa via NH 66

This is one of the options to consider for a road trip from Mumbai to Goa. In this route, you can expect spectacular views of the royal and majestic Western Ghats. The roads are narrow and steep but exciting enough to make you woot. The high-altitude roads offer splendid views at every turn. But do take this adventurous road only if you are a pro at driving through narrow corners or such terrains. Bikers will find this route extremely delightful. If you are prone to motion sickness, try to avoid this route. Worry not, there’s a mention of an alternate route right below this section.

  • Route – Mumbai – Panvel – Pen – Kolad – Khed – Chiplun – Pali – Sawantwadi – Goa
  • Distance – Approx 577 Km
  • Travel Time – Approx 12 hours

Option 2 – Mumbai To Goa via NH 4

If you want a relaxed trip, then this is your option. This route has wide four-lane roads. It supports fast driving with no distractions. The roads are smooth and well-laid. There are several attractions that you can pit stop and explore if you take this route. It has got lakes, forts, temples. There is also a wildlife sanctuary that you can visit if you can take some time out from driving. There are a few toll booths on this route. This route is also ideal for those who have motion sickness.

  • Route – Mumbai – Pune highway – NH4 – Satara – Kolhapur – Belgaum – Goa
  • Distance – Approx 590 Km
  • Travel Time – Approx 10 Hours 30 Minutes

Irrespective of the routes, one thing that travelers have to be wary of is being careful while going through wildlife crossing. Many animals might take a stroll on the roads most times. Be cautious enough to make sure you do not hurt any of them. It is always good to drive slow or at a moderate speed. It is safe for everyone on the road.

Food Stops

Food Stop - Road trip Mumbai to Goa
Food Stop – Road trip Mumbai to Goa

There are several Dhabas and small restaurants that you can stop for some good food. All these places across the highway offer lip-smacking authentic Maharashtrian food. As you go closer to Goa, you will find a variety of cuisine. Some restaurants also provide south Indian delicacies for those who want to have a lite grab while on the go. But due to this pandemic, many of these restaurants might be closed. It is advisable to have some packed food that stays longer in travel. This can include fruits, a quick snack, some sprouts, bread, rotis, and so on.

Mumbai to Goa trip cost

If you are wondering how much will a road trip cost from Mumbai to Goa then there are a few mandatory things that you will need to spend on. They are fuel, food either bought or packed from home, sanitizing equipment, and toll for cash. These are the critical requirements given in the current scenario.

Sight Seeing

Sight Seeing - Road trip Mumbai to Goa
Sight Seeing – Road trip Mumbai to Goa

The road trip from Mumbai to Goa offers many exciting places to visit on the way. Some of them are listed below:

  • Pen – This place is known for the vast Ganesh idols made for Ganesh Puja. You can explore this page to learn more about the artisans working there. You can also have a closer look at the beautiful craftsmanship of this art.
  • Ganpatipule – The beach in this place hosts a variety of water sports. You can try one of the adventurous sports here. This place also has a famous Swayambhu Ganapati Temple.
  • Karnala Sanctuary – The Karnala Bird Sanctuary hosts some of the most exquisite birds. If you are a bird lover, then this is a treat to you. This sanctuary is home to over 220 bird species. You can also pay a visit to the Karnala Fort if you have time.
  • Tamhini Ghat Falls – Lush green and pearl white waterfalls – what else do you need? It is a beautiful sight, and one can hardly think of stepping out of this fascinating place.

These are very few options that you can explore, but in reality, the possibilities are many. Are you excited to take this trip post lockdown? Mention in the comments section below what are your exciting routes and road trips.

FAQs – Road Trip From Mumbai to Goa

1) Is a road trip from Mumbai to Goa safe at night?
– A road trip from Mumbai to Goa is perfectly safe at night, because of the good roads connecting the two places. Exercise caution and common sense nevertheless.

2) How far is Goa from Mumbai?
By road, Goa is around 500 km from Mumbai. That makes it the perfect length for an awesome road trip from Mumbai to Goa!

3) Is Goa worth visiting?
– Though it’s India’s smallest state, Goa is definitely worth the visit for its pristine beaches and culture. The best way to do it is a road trip from Mumbai to Goa.

4) Which is the best route from Mumbai to Goa?
– The best route for a road trip from Mumbai to Goa is through the National Highway 66 that goes through Kolhapur and Belgaum.

5) How long is the drive from Mumbai to Goa?
– The road trip from Mumbai to Goa should take you anywhere between eleven to fourteen hours, depending on the traffic and number of stops you make.

6) What is the best time to visit Goa?
The best time to visit Goa would be around February to March when the weather is pleasant.


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