11 Jewellery Trends for Traditional South Indian Brides

Jewellery Trends for Traditional South Indian Brides

South Indian brides are known for gorgeous gold jewelry that perfectly complements their traditional attire. This bridal jewelry is rooted in centuries of tradition while also incorporating modern twists and designs. If you’re a South Indian bride wanting to embrace timeless ethnic style on your wedding day, here are the top jewelry trends to look for. When it comes to buying traditional South Indian Bridal jewels in Tamil Nadu, there are plenty of options available. However, one jewellery shop that stands out for its quality, craftsmanship and customer service is Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers.

Jewelry Trends for Traditional South Indian Brides

1. Classic Temple Jewelry

Temple jewelry, featuring elaborate gold necklaces, earrings, haars, bangles, and more, is the timeless style for South Indian brides. Intricate engravings, detailed stone settings, and complex designs crafted by hand give temple jewelry its iconic look. Opt for polished gold or antique gold finishes. Necklaces like gaurhar haars, lakshmi haars, and kasu malai haars are bridal favorites. Finish your look with a regal matha patti headpiece.

2. Stacks of Bangles

Stacks and stacks of bangles in gold and kundan finishing are bridal must-haves. Opt for at least 8 to 10 bangles in each arm, mixing designs like patte bangles, thin bangles, and carved bangles. The armfuls of gold bangles signify a bride’s newly married status. For Sathya mangalyam bangles worn for the wedding ritual, wider bangles in yellow gold suit tradition.  

3. Statement Chokers

Bridal chokers and necklaces range from broad collar designs to multi-layered lacquer chokers. Intricately crafted chokers with paasa designs, lacquer art, or bead embellishment create a focal point above bridal sarees. Look for engraved patterns like flowers, peacocks, leaves, or traditional kolam designs. Kundan or polki stone chokers also make regal wedding jewelry.

4. Dangling Jhumki Earrings

Long, dangling jhumki earrings adorn South Indian brides. Opt for heavy gold earrings with intricate embossing, stone accents, or enameling. Jhumkis swinging across shoulders beautifully frame the bride’s face. Kundan jhumkis also complement traditional looks. For a modern twist, try shoulder-grazing tassel or lalchhi style jhumkis.

5. Regal Matha Patti

Matha pattis crowning the head with elaborate gold designs are classic for South Indian brides. Broad matha pattis stretching across hair in leaf or floral designs are traditional choices. For a more minimalist look, opt for simple pendant-style tikka matha pattis dangling from a chain in the center. Matha pattis signify a bride’s newly married status.

6. Trendy Maang Tikkas

Maang tikkas subtly accent the bridal look. Opt for a kundan-encrusted gold tikka with pearls and chains extending towards your temple. Floral designs and matha pattis extending as maang tikkas are also popular. Match your maang tikka design to your other bridal jewelry.

7. Traditional Waist Belts

Kamars or odyanams – thick belted chains for the waist – make traditional bridal statement pieces. Opt for waist belts that complement your saree border colors. Intricate antique gold or silver kamarbands with engravings, lacquer art, and beads cinch the waist in grandeur.

8. Stackable Finger Rings

Stacking multiple finger rings is trending, including for bridal looks. Stack rings with complementing designs across both hands. Mix kundan, pearl, polki, and gold rings with both thinner and broader bands. Index, middle, and ring fingers look best stacked with rings.

9. Toe Rings

Toe rings like minji symbolize newly married status for brides. Opt for a gold toe ring with pearl or kundan accents, traditionally worn on the second toe. Match your other jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and kamarbands. 

10. Indian Kundan Polki Sets

For those seeking a modern take on South Indian bridal jewelry, coordinated kundan polki sets with necklaces, earrings, and maang tikkas make a glamorous statement. White, green, or multicolored stones shine alongside detailed gold.

11. Temple Jewelry with Gems

For another contemporary twist, try temple jewelry accented with brightly colored gemstones like ruby, emerald, or sapphire. Stones aligned along necklace borders or as matha patti and earring accents create a vibrant, celebratory look. 

South Indian bridal jewelry represents centuries of cherished tradition. From wedding rituals to gifting heirlooms, bridal ethnic jewelry holds deep significance. Adorn yourself in timeless gold temple jewelry intermixed with of-the-moment trends for your wedding day. Dazzle with the splendor of intricately crafted gold.


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