25 Best Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

Best Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

If you’re out of options for deciding your next vacation or just in the mood to browse through some of the most beautiful places in the world – these 25 Instagram travel bloggers have you covered. If you love traveling and hold a passion for travel, these bloggers will show you what it’s like to live your dream!

25 Best Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

1. Larissa D’Sa – @larissa_wlc 


Larissa  D’Sa fuels her life (and her Instagram account) with beautiful sceneries and culture shocks. Finding joy under unexplored caves and people, Larissa documents her travel stories on her Instagram and YouTube page. She is the travel presenter for Travelxptv – the world’s leading travel channel across various countries including India.

If trees, beaches and mountains are your elements too, her page is the best travel Instagram account where you can find the most beautiful and unexplored places around the world.

2. Savi and Vid – @bruisedpassports

Savi and Vid, along with their best friend, their passport, have traveled over 96 countries and hundreds of cities together. After discovering their passion for traveling, they curated the best travel Instagram account containing everything there is to know about traveling. Their feed is bombarded with positivity and wholesomeness that will leave you with a big smile on your face!

3. Gulshan Bafna – @gulshanbafna 



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Travel entrepreneurs by profession, Gulshan Bafna, and Krtika Bafna are luxury travel bloggers on Instagram – exploring the world, one country at a time. Gulshan’s Instagram is nothing short of a fairytale. Along with his wife, the Bafna couple has become the face of luxury traveling. Documenting places rarely visited and beauty undiscovered, Gulshan’s stories are something you’ll love! You would want to keep an eye and follow him to witness all the beauty on his Instagram account!


4. Archana Singh – @travelseewrite


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Archana Singh, a travel entrepreneur, is one of the best Indian travel bloggers on Instagram. Her passion involves meeting new people and writing their stories on her Instagram account. She wishes to change lives through narrating untold stories from offbeat places. You can expect to find yourself exploring the heritage of India and its deep traditions through her Instagram page!

5. Pranai Shah – @visuallhigh

Pranai translates his love for travelling through 24 frames per second – and there is nothing more beautiful than a montage of the most beautiful places in the world! A combination of breathtaking views and people, his travel photography will transport you to a different dimension!

6. Nishit Sharma – @hoppingbug 


Like a bug that can’t sit at one spot, Nisht Sharma is like a bug with a camera that hits the record button and let’s nature do it’s work then. Based in Bangalore, Nishit is a travel blogger on Instagram who creates and upload videos from his best travelling experiences. From short-form reels to long-form travel series, you will find the best views on his account!

7. Ankita Kumar and Sharanya Iyer – @thecaravanchronicles

A caravan, two girls, their undying love for travel and content creation, and a camera; roaming through the streets of north-east India, Ankita Kumar and Sharanya Iyer united to produce their brainchild – Caravan Chronicles. They have one of the best travel Instagram accounts which is filled with candid shots from their travelling journey – go find out where their caravan leads them (and you)!

8. Aakash Ranison – @aakashranison


Design, photography, minimalism, alignment & aesthetics – that’s what Aakash’s Instagram is filled with. Looking for and obtaining inspiration from the smallest of things with keen observation is his way of creating content. With the perfect combination of images, videos, and heartfelt captions, Aakash has one of the best travel Instagram accounts!

9. Shramona Poddar – @mishti.and.meat



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Sharmona’s Instagram account is a collection of pictures that are weaved through thoughts and travels. Her posts are accompanied with heartfelt captions that will transport you to her destination and will make you want to sit with her and have a heartfelt conversation. Head over to her travel Instagram account to witness sunsets and serendipity!

10. Atulan Purohit and Divesh Tolani – @honey.imm.home


Their Instagram account’s bio reads “life, dance, travel.” However, it can be put in better words, saying “cute, adorable, couple goals.” Dancing their way through different towns and cities, their Instagram account is filled with wholesomeness to light up anybody’s and everybody’s bad days!

11. Saloni Chopra and Rahul Bhattacharya – @seerahstamps

Here’s a heads-up: Be ready for some adorable PDA!

Seerahstamps was founded by a couple in love with each other, and in love with travelling. Head over to their Instagram page to find out what happened after the discovery of that love. The couple travels around the world announcing their never-ending love for each other while capturing the most beautiful picturesques you have ever seen!

12. Aakash Malhotra – @wanderwithsky


If you’ve got a crush on the world, just like Aakash, what are you waiting for? Aakash is on his way to live all his travel fantasies and while at it, he documents all his milestones on his Instagram page. FIlled with tips on how to start travel blogging and what it’s like to be a freelance videographer, Aakash is one of the best Indian travel bloggers!

13. Lakshmi Sharath – @lakshmisharath



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A passionate travel blogger and content creator, Lakshmi Sharath shares her stories and experiences on Instagram, and her personal blog. Alongside being a media professional, she has travelled to over five continents and twenty five countries. Head over to her Instagram page to enjoy the serenity it has to offer!

14. Ajay Menon – @ajaym7


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Ajay Menon has one of the best travel Instagram accounts made with his heart and soul that beats for travelling. He captures the perfect moments of beauty in nature and narrates the stories behind his pictures.

15. Prakriti Varshney – @itsinthename


If you’re looking for someone like a best friend – who’ll help you out while planning your vacation, Prakriti Varshney’s travel Instagram account is the place for you. She’ll guide you through every step of the journey – from where to go, where to stay and what to do!

16. Swati and Sam – @swati_n_sam

Swati and Sam are passionate about luxury travelling. They have visited over 16 countries and have explored various cities in India. The software engineer duo started their travel Instagram account to follow their passion, and is an overload of love and colours!

17. Surya Rawat – @the_lost_traveller


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Surya Rawat, a traveller based in Rishikesh knows everything there is to know about Mountains. An eleutheromaniac, a trekker, and a storyteller: Surya documents the best moments of his trek journey for his followers on Instagram.

18. Anuj Kant – @the_life_outdoor


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Anuj Kant shares his love for exploration on his travel instagram account. Anuj is a passionate trekker who’s heart resides in the mountains. If you’re a fellow trek junkie, his Instagram is where you’ll find all the information about it. Head over his account and decide your next travel adventure.

19. Burhanuddin Abuwala- @thetravellersexpeditions

Barhanuddin’s travel Instagram account will give you a variety of raw and unfiltered stories and beautiful photographs that are a pure delight to your eyes. There’s nothing better than getting inspired from first hand experiences given by travel enthusiasts!

20. Indrani Ghose @indranipics 

Based in Bangalore, Indrani brings the most creative and unique content for her followers. Her Instagram account resonates with her passion for travelling. Filled with aesthetically pleasing colours and shapes, you are assured to get hooked to her Instagram page once you visit it.

21. Samika Saincher – @samikasaincher


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Samika’s profile is filled with painting-like pictures that will make you want to pack your bags and start exploring. Her highlights are filled with snaps from various parts of the world. The 20 year old carries a passion for travelling and is always on the go. You can follow her account to experience the beauty and appeal of nature!

22. Back Pack With Bae- @backpackwithbae_


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Wandering past colourful lanes and exploring new places is the favourite thing to do of these two wanderers working 9-5 jobs. They love narrating stories about their travel experiences and sharing it on their travel Instagram account. You can head over to their page to feel transported to another town!

23. Shenaz – @shenaztreasury

Shena’s Instagram account will lead you to a place outside your comfort zone, motivate you to achieve your dreams and travel without any regrets. An overload of positivity and good vibes, her candidness in each post will make you fall in love!

24. Prachi Agarwal – @wanderlostprachi


There is no better combination than the one of food and travel, and Prachi’s Instagram account is the place for you if you’re both – a food and travel junkie! From new and mouth watering recipes to undiscovered and breathtaking views  – Prachi will keep you updated on everything you need to know!

25. Shraddha – @wintersockss

Travel, for Shraddha, was a form of self-discovery. With every new place, she discovers a new side of herself and inspires her followers to discover their limitless traits that lie in different places and people. One of the best Indian travel bloggers on Instagram, you can head over to her page to fulfill all your travel dezires!

26. Jinali Sutariya & Malav Jhaveri – @travelstoriesbyus

Exploring the magical sides of places, Jinali and Malav are always on the go. Their Instagram travel account is filled with energy and fun! So much fun! While getting yourself pepped up for your next vacation, you’ll also find some skincare tips, food recipes, dance videos – and what not!

FAQs – Best Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

1. Which is the most followed Travel blogger on Instagram?
Larissa D’Sa, Savi and Vid, Gulshan Bafna are the top three best travel Instagram accounts to follow! What makes these accounts unique is that they do not just cover places but also make sure to display the cultural and touristy discoveries they make along their journey!

2. Which Travel Account on Instagram every travel blogger must follow?
Gulshan Bafna is one of the best travel Instagram accounts to follow! Every travel blogger and aspiring travel blogger must go through Gulshan’s aesthetic feed, which is sure to inspire every other travel blogger to curate content from their hearts!

3. What are the benefits of following Travel Instagram Accounts?
Following travel accounts on Instagram not only helps you choose your next destination with ease but also helps you get to know a lot of other things about travel, including the rules, dos, and don’ts of the place you are headed to, what not to miss, and more! One of the best travel Instagram accounts to follow is Gulshan Bafna.

4. How do you become a travel influencer on Instagram?
The best way to become a travel influencer is to slowly build your page and post content related to your travel escapades. Try to provide as much authentic information as possible about the places you have featured on the page. People also follow travel bloggers on Instagram for information and to find their next destination! Gulshan Bafna is one of the best travel Instagram accounts to follow.

5. What are the best travel pages on Instagram?
Larissa D’Sa, Savi and Vid, Gulshan Bafna are some of the best travel Instagram accounts to follow! The content they post is absolutely unique and noteworthy, apart from being a treat to the eyes!

6. Who are the top travel influencers in India?
Indians have made a lasting impression in the travel blogging category, thanks to top travel influencers Gulshan Bafna, Archana Singh, whose accounts are some of the best travel Instagram accounts to follow!


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